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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benefits of Joining Avalla

Benefits of Joining Avalla

What I love about Avalla and the reasons that I think you will love it too once you join our home business company.

* Avalla is the sole distributor of Nutrimetics products in North America. I've used and loved the Nutrimetics products for almost 25 years ( I think). It gets harder to track these years after so long!

* Nutrimetics is the 49 year old company started in Australia and remains the #1 brand in all of Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France and is still just growing in North America which makes it almost a start-up opportunity without the worries of a start-up.

* Nutrimetics started as a nutritional cosmetics company, hence the name and has only used fresh fruit and fresh vegetable extracts, avoiding harmful chemicals which are now gaining more popularity and have always been cruelty free and environmentally friendly years before it was even thought of as the right way to run a company and provide products for customers.

* Nutrimetics has never used mineral oil (petroleum based and pore clogging), formaldehye (embalming fluid), cheap fillers (like shells in scrubs because it's a cheap and inexpensive item to add but, it hurts the skin and has zero health benefits), animal by-products like lanolin (sheep fat as one example), artificial fragrance (only pure, safe perfumes and fragrance from plants).

* My skin started years ago with oily areas, potential for breakouts, blackheads around my nose, large pores and NO product line (I tried them ALL) worked until I found and began using Nutrimetics. These products are different, they WORK.

* Once I started sharing my own products of Nutrimetics with my friends, family and co-workers, I was pleasantly surprised to see immediate and visible results on their skin. That's when I decided to purchase my own wholesale account so that I could afford more of the line and try all the products.

* When I told my friend who shared Nutrimetics with me that I was having little facial parties, slumber parties and other get togethers with my friends for some fun girl time, she told me that was what she did to earn money with Nutrimetics and that I could do the same! I had no idea and wasn't using the products for a business, it naturally turned into one and could for you too.

* I get totally excited when I am helping others achieve beautiful, soft, smooth, clear, blemish free, minimally wrinkled skin all over their bodies with these amazing products. Customers become friends and I'm building long lasting relationships that are based on truth, honesty, caring and sharing. You will too!

* Avalla has been creating additional products to enhance the current selection of Nutrimetics products and these are made in the USA or Canada! These NEW products include the ever growing popular area of Wellness, Antiaging, Men's Line and Mineral Makeup without Parabens!

* I love that Avalla's income plan offers us the opportunity to earn $200 by only selling $500 a month - that's an easy $200 in my pocket and the ability to earn $800 - $1000 a month is very achievable as long as I keep working at growing my business and helping others. I determine my own income and can't do that in my restaurant or as a nurse - those salaries are set and very difficult to change without working day and night! I don't want or like to do that and you probably don't want to either..

* I love the FREE trips that Avalla builds into the income plan and I earn them easily for each campaign period simply by doing the regular things that put money in my pocket and help me to build my business. I can share and teach you how to do it too if you're willing to work about 5 hours a week on your business!

* Avalla and Nutrimetics are members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) that ensures company integrity, value, honesty and we have no complaints with any of the business bureaus because we deliver products that are guaranteed and only once did I need to return a product for a customer.

* We maintain a 97% customer loyalty because people have searched for products that work and provide the benefits to their skin that they are seeking.

* I love the men and women in our company that I have become great friends with, have learned from and are able to teach on a daily basis. We're real people without all the hype and false pretense that many companies shriek about. We look for real solutions to everyday problems for people that come from the heart.

* I love the fact that the start-up fee for Avalla is under $200 to start a home based business and includes free products worth more than the start up, loads of literature, catalogues, brochures, flyers, a website to build an online store (2 months free), order book and an ability to earn up to $600 in free products within three months of starting. This includes your wholesale account number, no need to stock inventory (we actually don't think it's a great idea!) and there's NO renewal or yearly fee. It's super affordable to get started and you can earn your initial investment back within a month and make more money than that!

* I also love the tax benefits that come with having my own home based business with Avalla. This has been a great benefit to my family household when gas, trips, utilities, office supplies etc. are a deduction and reduce my tax liabilities to the government.

* I have a successful online business through my Avalla website and can share with you how I do that if you're interested in growing your home based business online too.

I have loads of reasons to love my home based business with Nutrimetics by Avalla and invite you to make a difference in your household income by joining us so that I can help you achieve your goals and dreams - whatever they are and no matter how small or large they are.

I believe that you'll love it too and in addition to all the other goodies you receive from Avalla, I'm giving a $65 product gift basket for joining in September as a bonus to help you start your home based business.

Call or email any time for your personalized consultation, then YOU decide if this could be right for you. I don't think you could go wrong and as a successful leader in our company, I'll do everything I can to help you be successful too.
Cindy Sarbak RN BSN
814-450-9177 or

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