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Friday, August 26, 2011

Product Review - Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner/Canada/USA

My cleaning chores are made so much easier with Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner available in Canada and USA. Today I thought I'd share some of my recent cleaning jobs that I've done using the environmentally friendly product in my home and around my yard. Nutri Clean works with Yucca and coconut extracts and helps to neutralize stains and dirt easily and safely. Why keep 10-20 different chemical cleaners in your home when you can replace them all with one single chemical free product that works for all your household cleaning needs.

Created almost 50 years ago, Nutri Clean from Nutrimetics (Nutritional Cosmetics) and now distributed by Avalla in USA, was originally made to wash fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, pesticides and larvae off the food we eat. Just soak your fresh fruit and veggies in a sink of cool water and add a capful of Nutri Clean and allow to soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water, dry and store for longer lasting, safe to eat food for your whole family. You'll be surprised at all the dirt left in your sink that normally you would ingest, Nutri Clean is concentrated, a natural disinfectant, a little goes a loooooong way and that helps you save money!

Buy Nutri Clean in Canada/USA at and use PASSCODE: cynthias1 to enter the 'shop' area. All products are guaranteed or your money back. Join as a Preferred Customer for gift with $100 retail order, flat rate shipping, brochure mailed monthly to your home and more benefits.

Bird Bath Cleaning - I love nature and attracting the birds to our yard but, worry about applying any chemicals to the plants or any part of the yard. Enter Nutri Clean. This concentrated cleaner was used directly from the quart sized bottle and when I used a scrub brush,
 was able to get the bird bath clean without harming our feathered friends that have been with us all summer.

Window Washing - Use a capful in a gallon of warm water and a soft microfiber cloth to wash all the windows in your home like I do. Almost immediately, the window starts to squeak as it cleans and then I simply dry it with another soft cotton cloth for super clean and streak free windows.

Glass Tables - Just like window cleaning, glass tables shine without any streaks and Nutri Clean also helps to reduce lint and dust build up on all your glass and windows.

Mirrors - Nutri Clean also is amazing for your bathroom mirrors - no fog builds up as you bath or shower when you clean your mirrors with Yucca and coconut extracts and no chemicals.

Woodwork - I clean all my woodwork without any worries of damaging or warping the wood with Nutri Clean. I use it as a capful in a gallon of water to wash the wood trim around windows, all baseboards and staircases in my home. I love that I never have to go back and dry the wood or even rinse it and it doesn't leave a film or streaks.

Kitchen Cabinets - Nutri Clean helps me clean my kitchen fast and without chemicals to harm my family or myself as I'm cleaning without fumes. For grease around the stove, I use it full strength and spray directly on the surfaces or my backsplash and simply wipe with a wet cotton cloth. No rinsing required and that makes my cleaning fast and my kitchen always sparkles super clean!

Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture - I clean all my wood furniture and any stains on the dining fabrics with diluted Nutri Clean and a soft cotton cloth without ever damaging the wood and keeping everything looking almost new.

Patio Furniture - I love Nutri Clean to keep my patio furniture and the railings on my patio mold free, dust free and without ruining the fabrics. I use a capful in a gallon of water and a soft cotton cloth to simply wipe it all down. Then I simply let it all air dry without rinsing and it's smooth and soft without any residue left. Nutri Clean is an amazing product that every home needs!

Pets - One unique feature of Nutri Clean is that it is safe for bathing pets, won't harm their coats, won't harm them when they lick themselves afterwards unlike pet shampoos with chemicals. Nutri Clean KILLS FLEAS by suffocating them immediately and it also soothes skin problems on pets. Spray diluted Nutri Clean on any pet sores to help them heal too. Use it to create a pet bath with a capful or two of cleaner in a tub of warm water. Do your pets a huge favor and stop using chemicals to clean them and have happy, fresh smelling pets all the time. They'll love it and so will you.

Carpets - Yes! I use Nutri Clean full strength on any carpet stains and it not only works great by using either a small scrub brush for set in stains or a cloth for immediate stain removal but, also won't fade or harm the color of the carpet.

Car Washing - My husband is the car washer in our family and loves to use Nutri Clean diluted with a gallon of warm water. It's safe for the paint on your vehicle and can even clean the inside and the tires without working hard.

Boat Cleaning - feel free to use Nutri Clean on the inside or outside of your boat the same way you would for your car and you'll see how it sparkles quickly without leaving any residue or chemicals.

Body Care - Yes, my husband and I use Nutri Clean for bathing, it's safe, has only a faint and light scent, moisturizes the skin without drying it out and doesn't leave your skin sticky like most soaps do. You can even brush your teeth with it.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables - Fill your kitchen sink with cool water and add a capful of Nutri Clean and allow it do the work. You'll be amazed at all the brown dirt, debris, bugs or larvae that is left in the sink when you remove your produce.

To Buy Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner/Canada/USA:
** Nutri Clean OLC (Original Lotion Concentrate) is available in quart and gallon sizes for household cleaning. Buy it buy the case to save even more money.
** Nutri Clean CLC (Controlled Laundry Concentrate) is available in gallon size and uses 2 TBS per load of laundry. One gallon will do approximately 133 loads of laundry. That's 2 loads per week or 16 month supply. Can your laundry detergent last that long?
** Avalla Clean is the same formula as Nutri Clean except that it uses Yucca and grapefruit extract and is available in quart or gallon sizes.
** Avalla Fresh is the same formula as Nutri Clean CLC for laundry and is available in quart or gallon sizes for your convenience.

**** NOTE: Nutri Clean and Avalla Clean work by neutralizing stains and dirt --- DO NOT USE IN THE POOL SINCE IT WILL NEUTRALIZE ALL YOUR CHEMICALS, virtually removing them from your pool and you'll end up having to add them all again! That's a powerful product and one you can safely use for all other cleaning tasks in your home.

Buy Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner/Canada/USA at and USE PASSCODE: CYNTHIAS1 to enter the 'shop' area. Join as a Preferred Customer for flat rate shipping, gift with $100 retail order and receive the monthly brochure in the mail plus other benefits. All Nutrimetics/Avalla products are guaranteed or your money back so, you have nothing to lose and a pesticide clean environment, naturally disinfected with this concentrated product you will love! Share with your friends -- they want pesticide cleaners good for the environment too.

Let me know how you use Nutri Clean and your favorite part about it. I can't wait to hear what you use it for.


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  2. Thanks Faith, I'm glad you've been reading the whole blog and following. This was the first post and I went back to it as a reminder too. See you soon, thanks for commenting!

  3. i love how it cleans glass, where can i buy some in saskatchewan

    1. I discuss where I'm currently getting all my Nutritmetics products below and hope it helps you, thanks so much for reading and your question.