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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check for Chemicals and Harmful Ingredients in Products You Use!

More and more people are finally becoming aware of chemicals and other harmful ingredients in all of their skincare/cosmetics and personal care products. They say knowledge is power and it's so very true!

Companies use chemicals and cheap fillers simply because they are cheap to use. Chemicals rarely work to produce smooth, soft, blemish free, radiant skin. The opposite is true as a matter of fact!

The Environmental Working Group has a website that allows anyone to enter the name of any brand or company on the market for hazard levels of all sorts of products - even products marketed for parents to use on their babies and pets!

I hope you'll take some time to look at the site to check for yourself because what you'll find is a massive list of unhealthy brands and companies putting unhealthy ingredients in things you no doubt use daily for yourself, your home, your body, your baby and your pets. Shame on them - and then they get celebrity endorsements so you'll believe that if such and such celebrity uses X product and looks like that, it must be good. Pure rubbish and you shouldn't fall for it.

Some of the brands on this list:
You'll find HAZARDS IN clairol, cover girl, olay, mary kay, dr perricone, philosophy, arbonne, obagi, clinique, kate somerville, neutrogena, burt's bees, lancome, avon, jane iredale, shiseido, nivea, the body shop, aveeno, vaseline, garnier, mac, ponds, maybelline, sally hansen, physician's formula, L'Oreal , even products for babies and SO MANY MORE

I've used Nutrimetics for the last 25 years because as a nurse, was looking for a pure, safe, botanical product line that works to give clean, smooth, soft, radiant skin that would reduce the rate of aging! I found it with the Heritage Line, the original skincare line 49 years old and it's never needed 'new and improved' as so many other lines/brands available.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients in all 350+ products in the Nutrimetics line. (If you're not aware, Avalla is the sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America) so we can now get it right here without having to go through Australia as we did years ago. Typically, products similar would cost way more and you can see from the list above that many, many brands are much more expensive. Nutrimetics/Avalla products are so pure that a little drop the size of a pea is typically plenty to wash the face or moisturize. That makes the products very long lasting - up to a year!

Nutrimetics by Avalla doesn't advertise because that causes huge bills for companies and therefore either the products must change or the ingredients must change. That's what happens to companies. Good for you for getting educated, share with your friends and family that you care about - they deserve to check their brands out too.

Take a look at the link provided and check your products for yourself, then take a look at Nutrimetics by Avalla and see the difference - you'll also feel the difference too. All products come with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Contact the consultant at this site for any questions on particular skincare products but, you're sure to find the correct line for your skin type and cosmetics that never feel like makeup and last all day long without clogging the pores and causing more problems.

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