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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tax Benefits of your Avalla Home Business

Starting your own home based business with a direct selling/network marketing company has been popular since the early 1950's and is nothing new. Most people start a business to add additional income to their monthly household, increase their savings account, to save for retirement or a vacation, home or other large purchase or just to have a flexible job that allows them to determine their own schedule and earn what they're worth while having fun and meeting new people.

You can start your own home based business with Avalla this week and start earning additional income next week! Nutrimetics by Avalla offers the three key ingredients that all experts will tell you to look for: the best company, income plan and products that are consumable - people need to reorder them monthly. Avalla pays up to 40% which is very high and very easy to obtain working 2-3 hours a week. How would you like to earn an extra $200-$500/month for you and your family? How would that kind of money help your monthly bills? You can earn tax benefits from things you typically spend money on daily to increase your year end tax deductions.

A minimal investment can be recouped within the month when you begin to work your Avalla business without purchased large amounts of inventory or any renewal or annual fees.

Some of the tax benefits that you will obtain with your Avalla business include:

*Car mileage for everywhere you go as long as you're doing some business.
*Restaurant receipts are tax deductible when you take a customer or potential prospect to lunch or dinner if you're discussing business.
*Office supplies and equipment such as computer, phone, furniture, files, stapler etc.
*Home office deduction with amount of rooms per home and take that percentage for all utility bills ie. 7 rooms in home = 1/7 of electric bill, 1/7 of gas bill, 1/7 of water bill. That's a great way to save extra money at the end of the year and you can only have that with a home business.

Learn more: here's a link to my article on tax savings for your home based business

Join Avalla in June and I'll send you a cash rebate of $25 to assist you in obtaining products for your own use and demonstration. Contact thru so I can help you get started to earn additional income and start reaping the rewards of tax benefits of a home business.

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