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Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Festivals - Networking your Nutrimetics/Avalla Home Based Business

Summer festivals are a fun and fairly easy way to network and grow your Nutrimetics/Avalla home business. You'll want to set up your display table, products, information and meet new and interesting people interested in your Nutrimetics/Avalla business.

I just finished attending one this past weekend (and the reason for my delay in blogposting)and had such a great time. Here are some tips for setting up a table or booth at a summer festival near you!

Find an upcoming event from your local newspaper, internet, chamber of commerce or through friends and find out what the cost is. If you know someone with a business, you can usually set up a table on their property without a fee, as long as it's not on the city property.

Decide on what you'd like to share at the festival. I set up a small display of current inventory with some sale prices that people could take home that day. I also made a gift basket to be raffled if anyone filled out a short survey card that asked their name and contact information, if they were interested in products, interested in hosting an event for free and discounted products or interested in hearing about the Nutrimetics/Avalla opportunity.

Create an attractive and eye catching table display: Use a nice tablecloth, lifts for products and gift basket to be raffled, survey cards, some brochures, flyers or other literature that customers can take, your business cards. Showcase the Nutrimetics/Avalla brand with a banner across the front of the table that is easily visible to passersby.

When the festival or event is ready to start, you should be all set up and ready to greet customers/guests. A simple hello is usually enough to get a chat started without being pushy. Ask them if they'd like to register to win the gift basket by filling out the survey.

As guests are filling out the survey, you can introduce yourself, tell a little about the company and what you offer ie. free facials, makeovers or hot towel relaxation sessions. Many will be interested and you may be able to book appointments on the spot.

Sell your products, book one on one appointments, book group presentations and book sponsoring appointments with anyone interested in hearing more about the Nutrimetics/Avalla opportunity.

At the end of the event, carefully pack your supplies and keep your leads and appointment book ready for the following day. Calling prospects within 72 hours is usually a good idea so that they will still remember you from the event.

Good luck on your summer festivals! It's a great way to get out and meet new people as they are out and about. Go to where the people are and you will meet customers and consultants for your team. It's a fun and easy way of networking and growing your business.

What is your favorite tip for working a festival?
Thanks for reading and sharing your comments.

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