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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nutrimetics by Avalla on YouTube!

Avalla now has a company video on youtube for you and others to learn more about how to get involved to save or earn money with a home based business with our leading company. We're all excited and look forward to sharing our great news with everyone!

Avalla remains the only distributor of Nutrimetics naturally inspired products in North America and has been growing rapidly as many people look for ways to improve skin care and beauty regimes, reduce aging, improve health and wellness by boosting immune system and reduce free radicals that cause disease and illness. With Avalla, consultants purchase products wholesale and share through group or one on one presentations, through salons and other businesses in a relaxed atmosphere that teaches without pressuring clients. Avalla consultants earn up to 40% as well as many other benefits. Check out our new youtube video to learn more:

Avalla business opportunity on youtube!

Make sure to click the 'like' button at end of clip and then share with your facebook and twitter friends or email anyone searching for a great business opportunity that allows anyone and everyone to be in charge of their financial future.

More changes to come soon are an updated website with easier online customer ordering, vconnect to connect and share with other leaders and consultants in the company and much more. Stay tuned and get on board - now is the best time to make small changes in your life for big results!

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