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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Work From Home

How to Work From Home

According to the Direct Selling Association, statistics show that over 15 million people work from home with their own direct selling business and that number is growing every month as more and more people need extra money for bills, retirement, college, savings or to change their lifestyle.

If you are considering a work from home job or are already getting starting with a company, you may be wondering how to work from home to be successful and make it work. These are the steps to take so that this will work for you and that you will earn that extra money that you need and want.

How to Work From Home Steps:

Create a Work from Home Schedule
Step one is definitely to make a schedule that you can work your home business. Many people fail to make a schedule and end up working their new business more like a hobby instead of a business. This is work - treat it like work and make yourself a working schedule just like you would have a schedule if you had to leave your home and punch a clock.

Be on Time for Work
That's right! If you are going to follow your schedule, plan to get up on time, get showered and
dressed and ready for work just as you would if you had to leave your home for work. You will be much more productive when you get into this way of working from home. Use a timer or clock if you need it and make sure that you are at your work from home desk when you scheduled your time to work your business. The time you spend working your business will pay off when you get to work on time.

Make Contact with Customers
You absolutely must make contact with customers since they are the ones that you will be showing products to, demonstrating with and getting referrals from. Spend a certain amount of time to contact customers either by telephone, email, texting, skype, fax or any other way that you plan on contacting customers. Start with one way and use all ways of communication to contact customers since many people prefer one way to be contacted over another.

Get Over Your Fears
If you allow fear to enter your work at home job, that will become a road block to your success. Push through any fears you have about contacting people and just talk to them as you know that you would like to be spoken to. Avoid a hard sell approach and remember that your products will 'help people' and this will help you to get over your fears.

Some Will, Some Won't, Who's Next
Not everyone that you contact originally will want to hear about your products or service. That's okay! Make the offer, get their response and move on. Avoid any 'no's' from deterring your efforts. There will always be people that are satisfied with the products they currently use - that's okay! Thank them for their time and offer to contact them another time in the future, sometimes it's just a timing issue with people. Once you do find someone that is happy to hear from you and more than happy to see or hear about your demonstration, it will make up for any that have no interest.

Count Work as Contacting Customers
Many people count all the other things they do for their business as work when in fact the only real 'work' that should be counted for your home business is contacting customers - your bread and butter. There are tasks such as creating flyers, getting business cards, training, studying and learning etc. as work but unless you are reaching customers, you are not really working your home based business. Allow yourself time in your schedule for those other tasks but, spend the majority of your time on reaching customers and you will be much more successful.

Meet New People
Plan to meet new people while you are running errands and going about the rest of your day. Get into the mindset of working your home business while you are away from home. Keep business cards with you at all times, have flyers and samples to pass out to potential new customers and keep a small notepad to get their contact information so that you can reach them in a few days after you meet them.

Follow Up with Customers
Take time to follow up with customers a few days after they have your product to make sure they are using it, answer any questions they have and to ask for a referral of someone they know that would also like your product. Offer a free gift for each referral you receive to encourage customers to help you grow your home business. This is important work as part of your home business and will help you to establish a relationship with a customer and also to help your home business grow.

Stay on Track
Stay focused on your home business and realize that it will take work to increase your customer base but, it will happen when you repeat these tasks on a daily basis or whatever schedule you have created to work from home. Month after month you will have more customers, more referrals and every three or four months, your current customers will need to reorder your products creating your residual income - money you earn from work already done!

Work From Home Success
Slow and steady will win the race in your home business and you will see success when you continue working. This is not a get rich quick scheme and you should allow yourself at least four to six months of working to determine if you will like to continue it. Many people are not successful because they want immediate success. You will earn immediate income by selling products and more money when you share the business opportunity with others but, it does take some time. Don't give up!

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Thanks for reading and following along so that you will have success in your home based business. Ask any questions you have in the comment section and we will try to answer any concerns you have or create a new post about it.

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