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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creating Goals around a Busy Schedule

Today I thought I'd share with you how I create goals around my very busy schedule and how you can do it too with your Nutrimetics by Avalla home based business.

The movers and shakers are typically the ones that already have a full schedule of work and commitments and also the ones that take on the extra work of starting a home based business. I'm one of those people and you probably are too since you're reading this.

I'm a Registered Nurse, own and operate a 200 seat Italian restaurant with my talented husband who is the Executive Chef and President of our company. My tasks there involve working five days a week as the General Manager, accountant in charge of all billing and invoices, paperwork for unemployment and other state issues, keeping all licenses updated, payroll, taxes and office organization. I also take care of our business website, twitter, facebook, yelp and other marketing and advertising tasks and accounts. I'm in charge of the front of the house staff with hiring, firing, training, reservations, customer service problems or concerns, booking all banquet and pharmaceutical functions, as well as ordering beer, wine and liquor. I also close the restaurant nightly and run all financial reports.

Our restaurant was my husbands dream of 30 years ago when he first became a Certified Working Chef and Executive Chef and we've been in a successful business for the last 16 years. Keeping it running smoothly for the staff and customers doesn't really get any easier as the years pass and sometimes it's even harder to maintain it with so many other new local businesses and chains opening. Most businesses fail within the first 3 to 5 years. We've had many awards and achievements over the years for food, martinis, customer service, community efforts and our staffing.

My Nutrimetics by Avalla business is my fun job that I do for myself and to create a retirement account for myself and my husband. When you work for yourself, you're in charge of creating your own retirement and benefits since there is no help at all from an employer or the government. I also write this blog and other online writings to help you and others learn how to grow a home business successfully.

Join me now for your own Nutrimetics/Avalla home based business and I'll help you to create a schedule that works for you to achieve the income and goals you have: to begin for only $99 and get four full sized products with your join kit plus all the educational and training materials you need.

Creating Goals around a Busy Schedule:

Although I'd love to work my home business full time, it's just not feasible with owning a restaurant. So, I do my best to rearrange my schedule to allow me to work it part time consistently. We've had other managers to take over my duties in the past but, it's difficult to find someone you can truly trust with the financial matters of your company and often it's best to do it yourself. I'm a Group Leader in our company and am currently working towards the next level of Sales Leader to increase my income and status.

Using all hours of the day to the max!!
I don't spend much time watching television or playing games. I'm on a mission for a successful future and that requires maximizing all hours.

My mornings are my time to update my home business customer list, answer all emails, update my blogs.

One a Day!!
My ultimate goal is to find one customer per day. This is done either through my online work whereby customers find me when they are searching for Nutrimetics online, or my email list to current customers, or to making calls to my customer list and later in the day by speaking to new potential customers.

Early Afternoons are spent with at least one chore in my home since I clean it myself without the help of anyone except my husband. By doing at least one chore per day, my home stays clean and organized and I don't spend my time off doing all the chores at once and exhausting myself. Try it if you don't already, it works!

Later Afternoons are when I'm getting ready for the restaurant and any errands on the way to work. These involve either the post office for mailings or delivering customer orders and things like that. I always try to talk to new potential customers about my home based business when I'm running errands and can strike up a conversation with someone.

Evenings are when I'm usually at our restaurant and stay focused on that task. Sometimes, customers ask me questions about my skin or makeup and it's an opportunity to discuss my Nutrimetics/Avalla business. I have a small display on information and business cards in the front of our restaurant so that people can take a sample or flyer about our products and opportunity.

Late Night when I return home from the restaurant is time I spend on blogging, other writing or checking and answering the days emails and my personal webpage of reports and orders. It's a great surprise to find someone has placed an order automatically on your site!!

I like leaving one day a week at least available for one on one facials or parties and try to book an Open House monthly at my home so it's more convenient for me. That also helps me to keep my house neat and tidy!

I also find time to exercise, eat healthy and sleep 7-8 hours per day to keep my energy level at it's peak performance. I do at least one household chore daily so that my days off are not spent doing all the necessary chores and my house stays cleaner that way too!

This schedule has helped me to create my goals around a busy schedule and allows me to usually find one new customer per day. Using your pwp allows customers to go to your own webpage and order online 24/7 while the company does all the shipping and you get the credit. It takes a base of around 100 customers to get your online business on auto pilot but, it will work and is extremely valuable to helping you get orders daily and increasing your income.

Create your own work schedule and begin to determine what will work for you and your current lifestyle. Make a committment to your future and stay consistent with it. It will work and I wish you the very best to achieve all that you dream of.

How do you stay on track for creating goals around a busy schedule? Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and wishing you continued success in your home based business.

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