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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Record Breaker Challenge 2011 Earns you a Free Cruise with Avalla - Distributor of Nutrimetics

September starts the new Record Breaker Challenge for 2011 with Avalla and the prize is a 7 day all expense paid cruise to the Caribbean on the cruise ship, Glory, when you work to earn it. Work part time or full time to earn extra money and the bonus will be a cruise earned by the end of December 2011.

All levels of consultants are elible to participate in earning this free cruise and you could be on this trip with other consultants, distributors and leaders of Avalla. Get started now to take advantage of each month to help you have the best chance at earning the trip and choosing the cabin of your choice.

How to earn the Record Breaker Challenge 2011:
Join Avalla for $99 for the start up kit and choose your skin care kit that is included. You'll also receive all the training materials, catalogues, sales brochures, flyers and be well on your way to being able to demonstrate and share the amazing Avalla, Nutrimetics and now Tarrah products of your choice. Just go to and register as a new consultant.

The challenge has a beginning level of sales of $6,000 from September 1 through December 31, 2011 to be eligible to earn the cruise. Break it down by month and that means you'll want at least $1500 in sales per month. Break it down even further and that means you'll want at least $375 per week in sales. Break it down once more and use the average beginning sales amount of $50 and that $375 per week equates to 7.5 customers per week!

Start Demonstrating Products!
Schedule one on one facials, mini parties of 3 or 4 guests or large parties to help you increase your sales and see more customers in one gathering. Teach your customers how to join as a Preferred Customer so that they can order online 24/7 and you get the credit for the sale to boost your sales. Plan gatherings at your own home or office and make it convenient for you to work when you want and what works for your schedule. Try an Open House monthly to get in front of many potential customers in one day - it works well and is one of my favorite ways to build my business.

Keep Track of your Progress:
Use the tracking form found on your avalla website to mark down your goals and track your sales from your product demonstrations and online Preferred Customer Club orders.

Attend Trainings:
Get on the weekly conference calls with our President to learn as you earn as well as continue training with your upline for support and any questions or problems. Stay in touch by phone, email, texting, skype or other form of communication that works for you and your upline.

Earn a Guest's Way for Free:
If you want to take your partner along on the free cruise, plan on sponsoring at least 10 people into your team that generate $6,000 in sales of new business. Break it down per month and you'll want at least 2.5 new members of your team joining and getting started on their own home based business too. It's fun to work with your friends/family/co-workers on a new business venture so make this part of your plan early on in joining Avalla so that you and your friend will learn as you earn together.

The Caribbean Cruise from Avalla will be a very memorable trip for sure and one that you will not want to miss. The key to earning it for free is really to start as soon as possible, share the products and opportunity with as many people as possible, work your business as a business and stay focused on your goal of basking in the sun and fun in March 2012 when the ship sails from Miami, Fl. (transportation to and from Miami is your responsibility although, you will find ways to earn bonuses along the way to help you afford the cost of air/bus or car travel to Miami).

JOIN NOW at for only $99 that includes everything you need to get started on your home based business and also includes free products to start using and sharing.

I look forward to helping you earn this free Caribbean Cruise and traveling together in March in the cabin of our choice! Contact me on the site when you are registered or if you need any help using the website and I'll answer you within a few hours, or call if you'd rather.

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Have you ever earned a Free Cruise before and what part of this trip is most appealing to you?

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