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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 2011 Back to School Specials from Nutrimetics/Avalla

August is the time to start getting ready for back to school if you haven't started yet. School sessions are just around the corner and there's so much to do and to buy that you need deals and savings on many of your favorite products for high school students or college students going away from home. Avalla doesn't disappoint this month as there are discounts on body products, makeup, vitamins and even anti aging skin care and special care treatments for mom.

Two of the best deals are the NC Line Prime Instant Wrinkle Filler, a creamy mousse that fills in wrinkles when used before your foundation or just under moisturizer for $38 and Refreshing Shower Gels or Body Lotions for only $10 in long lasting, light scents good enough to eat!

Check out the monthly sales brochure for the best savings options and then just go to and enter passcode: cynthias1 to place an order online 24/7. Join the Preferred Customer Club for gift options, flat rate shipping, a mailed copy of the monthly sales brochure and direct to your door shipping by FedEx.

Treat yourself and your back to school students, Happy Shopping with Nutrimetics by Avalla - you'll see and feel the difference.

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