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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Promoting your Network Marketing Company with Product Sampling

Promoting your network marketing company remains an important part of your home based business that you need to spend some time working on to help you build your customer base and to grow your business. Try all the different ways to promote your business until you find one you love, can repeat over and over again and that works well for you. Product Sampling is one promotional tool you should not overlook.

In an earlier post, we discussed a couple of ways to help you with promotion of your company, products and brand and today we'll talk about how you can add samples and sampling as another effective marketing tool to add to your to-do list today.

Sampling is a great way to promote your network marketing company to get your brand noticed, meet new people and to increase your sales as well as members of your team with a few tips to help you get started.

People love to get a gift, people love a sample, people will love your free sample without any strings attached, they can try your product on their own time when it's convenient to them. Many companies offer samples but, customers have to pay for shipping and handling. Your Nutrimetics/Avalla business is different and you cover all the costs so there's no hidden fees to customers.

Gather Sampling Supplies
You'll want sample containers for your products. Look at these hinged plastic containers from that you can buy in bulk. They're small, lightweight and easy to carry with you at all times.

Buy sample bags to keep your individual samples in.

Make a business sized list of directions on how to use the specific product sample so that anyone you give a sample to will know what the product is, what benefit it provides and easy to use directions.
You'll want your business card included with all your contact information so make sure that your sample bag will be large enough for a business card, directions and the sample.
Use small round labels, similar to those found at a dollar store that are used for your garage or yard sale. Those small discs fit easily on your sample container so that each product is properly labeled.

Clear cellophane bags are great because you can see each sample for yourself so it's fast and easy to hand them out. They can be tied at the top with a pretty ribbon or twist tie.

Make Samples of your Products

Choose some of the products that you want to promote, usually the products that you love the most and can discuss freely and easily.
Samples can be individual products or any product you sell in a collection. Make sure to offer products that work well together so that your prospect can see, smell and try the product before they buy it.
I like creating samples of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for each individual skin type as one sample and then seperate samples for treatment products such as the scub and masque, or eye gel and eye cream, or anti aging products for those that I meet that have an interest in particular products for specific skin care problems.
Put the sample packets together as you create them to keep it all organized.
Spending some time at home to create your sample packets will be time well spent on your home based business that people will appreciate when you are out and about.

Giving out Samples of your Products

Keep a handful of your sample packets with you at all times. They should be small enough to keep in your car or purse.
Any time you are out and about and someone is helpful to you whether you are at a grocery store, the post office, the drive thru, the mall, an auto store, a restaurant, your office, a hospital, the beauty salon, a dress shop, the shoe store, school, a nail salon or anywhere else that you frequent, you will have your samples with you and you'll be ready to give out a sample of your products.
Simply thank the person helping you at one of the stores or businesses above and tell them you'd like to give them a gift. Reach into your purse or bag and offer them a choice of X sample or X sample.
Let them choose which sample they'd like to try such as an eye cream, an acne product, a vitamin or other wellness product, a skin care product, hair care or body product. Product sampling works for anything that can fit in the container and that you can add information about the product and how to use it.

** If you are able to get the contact information from those people that you give a sample to, it works much better than not having that information.
** Ask the person if you can contact them in a few days to get their opinion on your sample and take down their name and phone number or email address.
** Follow up with them in a few days to ask them if they had a chance to use the sample and see how they liked it.
** You can then offer them a complimentary facial or makeover or tell them about the amazing hostess program from Nutrimetics/Avalla so that they can earn free gifts by having three friends join them and you for their free facial or makeover.
** Keep track of your costs associated with creating product samples because these costs are a tax deduction for you as part of your home based business expenses.

Join Avalla - distributor of Nutrimetics and I'll gladly help you with how to start and grow your home based business with sampling and more ideas.
Go to and enter passcode: cynthias1 to get started.

Sampling your products with these packets is an effective way to promote your company, products and yourself to others if you do it faithfully. Let me know how it works for you to find new customers and members of your team.

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