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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Joining Avalla's Preferred Customer Club

Shopping online is a favorite way of many people to buy their favorite products in the comfort of their home, in their pajamas and is a great way to save money on gas and traveling from store to store. As part of the changes to the new updated website for Avalla - Distributor of Nutrimetics, a new Preferred Customer Club program has been instituted to make it easier for customers to get their favorite products, free offers and other information in this exclusive club. Avalla's Preferred Customer Club membership has many benefits for the customer and the consultant alike and is a unique feature to Avalla that many other companies are yet to offer.

Joining Avalla's Preferred Customer Club is easy for the customer:

1. To start, just go to and click on your country. Avalla is only available to residents of USA or Canada.
2. Find the passcode area and enter passcode: cynthias1
3. Click on the Preferred Customer Club area
4. Scroll down to the 'Click here to Register' area
5. There is no fee to join the Preferred Customer Club
6. Fill out the form for your name, address. Notice there are two shipping address areas just in case you want a different shipping address such as a work address.
7. You will be given your own Preferred Customer Club account ID number that you can use to log in to for all future ordering and access to benefits.
Tip: Use your new ID number as the log in and password the first time and you will be prompted to change your password to something personal on the next page.

Benefits of Avalla's Preferred Customer Club for the customer:

> Customers get a free account ID number to use for all future ordering to never have to worry about finding a consultant again. (Consultants occasionally stop being active in their business, or they move and you may lose contact with them. By having your own account ID number, you will always be able to use that without wondering what happened to your consultant and you can always order your favorite Nutrimetics/Avalla products.)

> Customers are connected to the consultant and can use the 'contact me' are for specific questions or help with products, information or for any problems using the website.

> Preferred Customer Club members can order online 24/7 from the comfort of their home without contacting a consultant or waiting to hear back from your consultant.

> Avalla's Preferred Customer Club members will automatically receive the monthly sales brochure in the mail. Many people want to see the sales in a brochure format and to read more information and ingredients in products. Many customers share the sale brochure with their friends and family and place an order to include those orders to help them boost their retail subtotal and have access to free product gifts.

> All customers in the Preferred Customer Club are offered a free product gift for their $100 order (excluding tax and shipping) and are usually a retail value up to $50. These offers are always listed on the home page of the website and are different each month. They can include either skin care, makeup, body care or wellness products for free. Many online customers in the Preferred Customer Club use these gifts for themselves or it's also a great way to get gifts for your gift giving items or to share the Nutrimetics/Avalla products with friends and family.

> Preferred Customer Club members are offered flat shipping rates of only $8 for orders under $100 and $10 for orders over $100. Many customers stock up on their favorite products during monthly sales and create larger order for the free gift and to take advantage of the flat rate shipping costs.

> Customers can include a different ship to address if they want a product order shipped to someone else in situations that a gift is being purchased, saving the customer additional shipping or wrapping gifts.

> Preferred Customer Club members receive an email from the company once the order is placed and then again when the order has shipped including a tracking number so that they can see exactly where their order is and when they can expect the product delivery. Orders arrive at most in 4-7 days.

> Many consultants such as myself, offer customers an additional free product gift for any sized order just for placing an online order on the Preferred Customer Club program and will keep you on their email list to offer you additional news and information from the company.

Benefits of the Preferred Customer Club membership to the consultant:

** Preferred Customer Club members can order online safely 24/7 at whatever time is most convenient for them. Often times, customers know exactly what they want and they do not need assistance and many prefer a simple way to order or reorder their products.

** All Avalla Preferred Customer Club members receive the monthly sales brochure directly from the company, saving the consultant the time and postage of mailing to all customers. This cost can be large when a consultant has a large customer base so, it's a great savings and benefit to the consultant.

** All Preferred Customer Club members orders are calculated, processed and shipped to the customer by FedEx directly from Avalla and the consultant receives the commission without having to do the work.

** Avalla Preferred Customer Club orders are entered into the system under the consultant's business reports so that the consultant can see the order placed and then the consultant can contact the customer to follow up on their order and answer any questions or offer additional help.

As youcan see, the Avalla Preferred Customer Club offers a win-win situation for the customer and the consultant and is a very unique program that everyone likes.

Join Avalla's Preferred Customer Club program today at and enter passcode: cynthias1 to get your own ID account number to browse the sales brochure and other areas of the website with a unique number that you can use forever for free with ease.

Share your favorite part of joining avalla's preferred customer club in the comments section for others:

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