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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Marketing Ideas for Promoting your Home Based Business

Let's explore more ways to promote your business as part of your marketing plan in today's post.

Attend Festivals - gather some of the members of your team and all pitch in for the cost of a table and tent. By doing this with a group, everyone can split the expenses and share all the leads gathered. Each person could bring some of the products, some of the literature, create a beautiful display and survey cards.

Work a Woman's Expo - these events typically revolve around all things women and it's a great way to meet new people that can either become your customers or part of your team when you set up appointments to explain the opportunity for them to join your team.

Church Bazaars - often a great place to meet new people when your church has their yearly bazaar. The cost is usually much less than other events and a donation can be made to the church instead of a flat rate fee. Find out what churches in your area are hosting these events and what is entailed to get a table. You may only need to donate a gift basket for a chinese auction or agree to donate part of your proceeds from the day.

School Events - what school events are happening at your school that could allow you to set up a table for a display of your products? Find out what's happening and see how you can be a part of it.

Career Fairs - people that attend career fairs are looking for work and you have the best at home business opportunity that could be right for so many of those people searching for a job. Find out the cost to set up a table at a career fair and bring your team along to share the work and the leads. Be prepared to discuss your business if anyone is interested on the spot and share how your potential recruit could start earning money this month.

Open House - one of my favorite ways to show new products is to hold an open house in my own home. Choose a date that works for your schedule, invite your friends and neighbors to come to your open house party, check out the latest products or accessories, have some appetizers or refreshments, get a free gift for attending and to give you their opinion on what's new.

Choose a long stretch of hours that will more than likely fit with everyone's schedule ie. 12pm - 6pm, they can attend whenever it's convenient for them. Create display areas in a few rooms so your guests can walk around and try the products, ask questions and get help when they need it. Set up appointments at your open house for one on one facials/makeovers or share your hostess rewards program if they host 3or more guests at a presentation in their home. Explain the benefits to them of free products, discounted products and a free gift from you for allowing you into their home.

Create Parties in your Home:
** Girls Night In
** Slumber Party
** Pool Party
** Pedicures and Manicures
** Anti Aging Party
** Mom and Daughter Party
** Beach Feet Party
** Fun in the Sun Party
** Get Fit Party
** Health and Wellness Party
** Guys and Gals
** Back to School Party
** New Mom Pampering Party
or any other theme that you can think of that would be fun, relaxing, comfortable and allow time together with your friends/coworkers or neighbors and family to try your products before they buy, learn the benefits in a stress free environment that isn't pushy.

Try all the different ways to market your home based business to find out what works best for you and which ones you enjoy the most. Keep working on all the ways to market yourself and your business and you will have success.

What are your favorite ways to market your home based business? Share it in the comments section for others and so that we can discuss it more. As always, thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!
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