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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding the Energy to Work Your Business

Many people would love to have additional income for themselves and their family and a home based business that allows them to create their own schedule, determine their pay, take off when they want or need, work around family obligations and offers fun sounds so appealing.
How do you find the energy to get going, to get excited, to get motivated and start a plan that is workable and achievable?
Read on in this article that will help boost your energy so that you can do all the things you want while looking and feeling your best!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Choose a Direct Selling Business

How to Choose a Direct Selling Business

Your new home based business should be the means to an end for your financial, spiritual and personal needs. You'll meet new people that will change your life if you choose a company that seeks to help others. You will be helping them and help yourself at the same time.

Look for a company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association so that you are sure that ethics and proper customer care is followed.

Look for a direct selling company that has a physical address that you can see with offices, a President and other staff to know they are a legitimate company.

Choose a company that offers products for sale.

Choose a direct selling company that offers a simple way to join that avoids you purchasing thousands of dollars in inventory just to start.

Choose a company that offers a join kit that contains much of what you need to get started making money.

Choose a company without a renewal fee or yearly fees of any kind.

Choose a direct selling company that offers training to earn as you learn via conference calls, emails, manuals, webconferences and phone calls.

Choose a direct selling company that offers a consumable product that can be reordered monthly or within a few months.

Choose a company with incentives and bonuses to inspire you and those you will share the opportunity with.

Choose a company with a longstanding history of success.

These are the main features of how to choose a direct selling business to get involved with so that you can earn the additional income you need while starting your own home based business.

See for yourself all that Nutrimetics/Avalla has to offer, you won't be disappointed when you try the products and realize how easy it is to share them simply by your own experience in using them!
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Network Marketing Opportunities

With unemployment statistics rising higher and higher for many people and the burden of debt and financial instability, it's no wonder that thousands of people per day search for network marketing opportunities and join them for home based businesses that put you in charge of your financial destiny.

Network marketing opportunities are the answer to many people's need for ways to make extra money, save for college or retirement, work without the rules of a boss, increased tax deductions, free trips and other gifts or incentives, to purchase their own products at wholesale and a chance to create their own schedule around family obligations.

Do you know what to look for when searching the best network marketing opportunities? Do you know what constitutes a scam company? Do you know how you can trust a network marketing opportunity?

Let's explore these issues to assist you in making the right decision for you and your family before you join any of the network marketing companies available.

What should I look for in a network marketing opportunity?

Stability is one of the key features that a company should posess. Make sure you find a company that has been around for a long time. Most companies whether network marketing companies or a brick and mortar building fail within the first 3-5 years in operation. Avoid new companies until they show the stability of success.

Successful upline or sponsor is another key element to choosing your network marketing opportunity. Does the person above you have the experience and leadership that will assist you in your new home based business? You want to make sure that you'll be taught be someone who's been doing it successfully, is able to teach you what you need to know, is willing to help you build and grow your business and is available for you when you want and need help.

Look for a spectacular product when searching for your network marketing opportunities. Avoid products that are too new - many companies fade and you don't want a fad product without longevity. Products that are tried and true and mostly are consumable. You'll have much greater success in your network marketing business when you choose a product that people need month after month and not something that sits in their kitchen for years until it breaks or wears out before they need to replace it.

Oversaturated markets - there are many products on the market that have been around for 100+ years. Although many of these are good products, what are the chances that people haven't already heard about them, tried them or used them? Chances are very good that the market is really oversaturated for these companies and you'll have a much more difficult time finding interested customers or prospects to join your team. Look for a middle ground company.

Direct Selling Association - this is the organization that holds companies to standards of ethics that you and customers want. There are industry rules and regulations like honestly, a guarantee offered to customers and integrity that companies should follow.

What is a scam company as a network marketing opportunity?
Companies that do not offer a product for sale are scams because they take your money offering you money in return for doing no work. This is not possible and the reason that pyramids are unethical. You must sell a product and you must do some work. When a company offers you those things, they are legitimate if they also meet the other standards described earlier.

How do you trust a company?
You should be able to locate company information in the phone book, the internet or by word of mouth. When others have direct experience with a company and can share their results, you can know that the company is what it states. Read what you can about the network marketing opportunity you are researching so that you can feel assured that you are making a good decision in joining the group and team.

Avoid companies that tell you to buy large amounts of inventory to begin so that you'll have products immediately to sell. Most companies have way too many products for you to accurately gauge what customers will want to purchase. It's much better to have the basic products or top sellers to demonstrate and let customers decide what they'd like to buy. Many customers do not need to see every product in order to try it if there's a good guarantee backing the purchasing decision. You want products to come fresh and direct from the company, not someone's closet and your customers will want the same.

The start up fees for a good company will be less than $200 including some products for demonstration. You must invest some money just as you would if you purchased a building for a storefront and products. If you want to have some items to show potential customers, you should be advised to get only what you need to start and then as you begin to earn money within your first month in your home based business, you can slowly add more products to demonstrate. Your business will not suffer because you don't have each and every product that the company carries! This is one of the huge benefits of network marketing opportunities compared to storefronts.

Nutrimetics by Avalla fits all the criteria that you would look for in a trusting, successful, growing business with a spectacular product that men and women have used for 50 years.

What are your biggest questions or concerns in searching for the right company?

For more information and to receive the latest news: email

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benefits of Joining Avalla

Benefits of Joining Avalla

What I love about Avalla and the reasons that I think you will love it too once you join our home business company.

* Avalla is the sole distributor of Nutrimetics products in North America. I've used and loved the Nutrimetics products for almost 25 years ( I think). It gets harder to track these years after so long!

* Nutrimetics is the 49 year old company started in Australia and remains the #1 brand in all of Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France and is still just growing in North America which makes it almost a start-up opportunity without the worries of a start-up.

* Nutrimetics started as a nutritional cosmetics company, hence the name and has only used fresh fruit and fresh vegetable extracts, avoiding harmful chemicals which are now gaining more popularity and have always been cruelty free and environmentally friendly years before it was even thought of as the right way to run a company and provide products for customers.

* Nutrimetics has never used mineral oil (petroleum based and pore clogging), formaldehye (embalming fluid), cheap fillers (like shells in scrubs because it's a cheap and inexpensive item to add but, it hurts the skin and has zero health benefits), animal by-products like lanolin (sheep fat as one example), artificial fragrance (only pure, safe perfumes and fragrance from plants).

* My skin started years ago with oily areas, potential for breakouts, blackheads around my nose, large pores and NO product line (I tried them ALL) worked until I found and began using Nutrimetics. These products are different, they WORK.

* Once I started sharing my own products of Nutrimetics with my friends, family and co-workers, I was pleasantly surprised to see immediate and visible results on their skin. That's when I decided to purchase my own wholesale account so that I could afford more of the line and try all the products.

* When I told my friend who shared Nutrimetics with me that I was having little facial parties, slumber parties and other get togethers with my friends for some fun girl time, she told me that was what she did to earn money with Nutrimetics and that I could do the same! I had no idea and wasn't using the products for a business, it naturally turned into one and could for you too.

* I get totally excited when I am helping others achieve beautiful, soft, smooth, clear, blemish free, minimally wrinkled skin all over their bodies with these amazing products. Customers become friends and I'm building long lasting relationships that are based on truth, honesty, caring and sharing. You will too!

* Avalla has been creating additional products to enhance the current selection of Nutrimetics products and these are made in the USA or Canada! These NEW products include the ever growing popular area of Wellness, Antiaging, Men's Line and Mineral Makeup without Parabens!

* I love that Avalla's income plan offers us the opportunity to earn $200 by only selling $500 a month - that's an easy $200 in my pocket and the ability to earn $800 - $1000 a month is very achievable as long as I keep working at growing my business and helping others. I determine my own income and can't do that in my restaurant or as a nurse - those salaries are set and very difficult to change without working day and night! I don't want or like to do that and you probably don't want to either..

* I love the FREE trips that Avalla builds into the income plan and I earn them easily for each campaign period simply by doing the regular things that put money in my pocket and help me to build my business. I can share and teach you how to do it too if you're willing to work about 5 hours a week on your business!

* Avalla and Nutrimetics are members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) that ensures company integrity, value, honesty and we have no complaints with any of the business bureaus because we deliver products that are guaranteed and only once did I need to return a product for a customer.

* We maintain a 97% customer loyalty because people have searched for products that work and provide the benefits to their skin that they are seeking.

* I love the men and women in our company that I have become great friends with, have learned from and are able to teach on a daily basis. We're real people without all the hype and false pretense that many companies shriek about. We look for real solutions to everyday problems for people that come from the heart.

* I love the fact that the start-up fee for Avalla is under $200 to start a home based business and includes free products worth more than the start up, loads of literature, catalogues, brochures, flyers, a website to build an online store (2 months free), order book and an ability to earn up to $600 in free products within three months of starting. This includes your wholesale account number, no need to stock inventory (we actually don't think it's a great idea!) and there's NO renewal or yearly fee. It's super affordable to get started and you can earn your initial investment back within a month and make more money than that!

* I also love the tax benefits that come with having my own home based business with Avalla. This has been a great benefit to my family household when gas, trips, utilities, office supplies etc. are a deduction and reduce my tax liabilities to the government.

* I have a successful online business through my Avalla website and can share with you how I do that if you're interested in growing your home based business online too.

I have loads of reasons to love my home based business with Nutrimetics by Avalla and invite you to make a difference in your household income by joining us so that I can help you achieve your goals and dreams - whatever they are and no matter how small or large they are.

I believe that you'll love it too and in addition to all the other goodies you receive from Avalla, I'm giving a $65 product gift basket for joining in September as a bonus to help you start your home based business.

Call or email any time for your personalized consultation, then YOU decide if this could be right for you. I don't think you could go wrong and as a successful leader in our company, I'll do everything I can to help you be successful too.
Cindy Sarbak RN BSN
814-450-9177 or

Friday, September 3, 2010

Avalla Record Breaker Challenge - Earn an All Expense Paid Trip to Cancun!

The Avalla Record Breaker 2010 Challenge
- NEW Consultants - Earning a FREE Vacation for you and a Guest in March to Cancun, all expense paid is very attainable.

If you know someone who would love to go with you, now is the time to Join Avalla!

Plus,,, New Host Reward Program helps to incentivize your friends/family/neighbors to help you start your business with only 3 guests needed at a presentation and the host/hostess earn a FREE mini Nutri Rich Oil (RRP $35) Plus a Free $30 product and 1/2 off product with the minimum sales of $200.00.... More great gifts and discounts with each higher level of sales for the hostess.

*** JOIN in September to get your home based business off and running - I'll help you with a product gift basket valued at $65 that I'll mail to you once you place your first qualifying $150 RETAIL order - you'll get 20% discount on that size order! Higher discounts for higher retail orders. Plus earn 40% monthly when you buy/sell $500 a month! It's very, very possible to earn at this level and it's higher than most companies offer! Avalla rocks:)

Details on Cancun trip and how to earn it below - even earn free luggage and airfare:) Challenge starts Sept. 1 - Dec. 31


Hotel Palace - CANCUN, MEXICO - google it! Spectacular Location:)
Program competition runs September 1, 2010 to December 31st. 2010
Trip Date: March 17 - 21, 2011

The 2010 Record Breaker destination is the incredible Cancun Palace located in the heart of Cancun. Offering the most amazing all inclusive trip venue we've ever experienced, you will relax, revive and enjoy the high quality service provided at this top rated resort destination. The spacious rooms come equipped with a 2 person Jacuzzi tub, mini bar with full sized liquor bottles, ironing board, hair dryer, flat screen TV, wireless internet and full 24 hour room service. Plus guests will enjoy free phone calls to the United States and Canada. While you are there, all your meals, drinks and tips are included. And every achiever will be treated to a massage or spa treatment of choice. Ocean water sports are just outside your door and our destination management team will work with you to arrange all the local excursions you want. Enjoy relaxing in the sun on the beach or by the pool with chair side service for beverage and food. Whatever you want, you can find it at the Cancun Palace.

Achievers are responsible for their own air transportation so start looking for the best airfare now or read on to find out how to earn that too!

Your Cancun holiday begins on Thursday as achievers arrive from all across the US and Canada. Upon arrival in Mexico, you will be greeted at the airport by our Destination Management group and transferred to the hotel. Thursday evening we will kick off our Record Breaker Event with a welcome reception where you can re-connect with old friends and meet new.

Friday morning we begin with a brief meeting from 9:30 - Noon. This will be the ONLY meeting of the trip. The rest of the day and evening are yours to enjoy at leisure. Book an excursion or water sport. Relax by the pool. Frolic in the beautiful blue water of the ocean. Or book your complimentary massage. Dinner is on your own at any of the 4 fabulous restaurants. Just show up when you want and enjoy.

Saturday and Sunday is yours to enjoy. There's nothing planned that you have to attend until Sunday evening when we celebrate your Record Breaker Success at the finale recognition dinner party. This surely will include free jewelry, products and more!!
Monday is departure day.

DEAR FRIENDS - ONCE YOU WIN A TRIP WITH Nutrimetics by Avalla you would never want to miss. You meet and play with most wonderful people, time to chat with our President one on one. Rub elbows with gals that have succeeded for 30 - 40 years and learn their secrets of success.


Record Breaker Top Achievers will enjoy their Cancun All Expense Paid Holiday as a Guest of Avalla by achieving the following:

Consultants and Distributors
Trip winners must sponsor a minimum of 2 new qualified Consultants between September 1 – December 31st.
Must place an order every campaign (if new, during the competition, must be active in all campaigns from date of joining)
Achieve $4000 Personal Sales

Group Leaders and Sales Leaders
Trip winners must sponsor a minimum of 8 new qualified Consultants with new business equal to greater than $2800
Achieve Group Sales = or more than:
Group leaders - $18,000
Sales Leaders - $26,000
With a minimum of $100 BV Increase over prior year (Personal Group BV Sales)
Achieve Personal Sales of $3000 or more

Executive Sales Leaders and Above
Trip winners must sponsor a minimum of 12 new qualified Consultants with new business equal to or greater than $4200
Achieve Group Sales = or more than $46,000 with a minimum $100 increase over prior year.
Achieve personal Sales of $3000 or more

Trip Achievers will be rewarded with:
4 nights stay (all inclusive)
Transportation to and from the airport


Inclusive all meals - drinks - room included

Consultants and Distributors
T o earn the trip for you and your guest, Consultants and Distributors must sponsor a minimum of 5 new qualified Consultants between September 1 - December 31st.
Must place an order every campaign (if new, during the competition, must be active in all campaigns from date of joining)
Achieve $6000 Personal Sales

Let me help you get started TODAY so that you can join me and the others for this relaxing FREE trip to Cancun, the sooner you start, the easier it will be to earn at the level you'd like. Call or email to schedule your personalized consultation with more details today! We have NEW liquid mineral makeup, creme blush and concealer ALL PARABEN free, ORGANIC and more coming in upcoming months.. Super Exciting!!

Cindy Sarbak RN BSN
Avalla ~ sole Distributor of Nutrimetics in North America