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Friday, October 7, 2011

Nutrimetics by Avalla October Monthly Sales Brochure

Nutrimetics by Avalla October Monthly Sales Brochure:

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, typically more rain and wind and is one of the seasons that many people love after a long and hot summer. It's also the back to school season and a great time to take good care of your skin and overall health as you prepare for the colder winter months to come.

Avalla - the distributor of Nutrimetics in North America offers great product sales in October to help you to prepare your skin for the coming winter months.

Check out the monthly sales brochure and find several of your favorite products discounted in October to help you save money on your skincare and wellness supplements. will show you the monthly sale brochure. In it are the best deals of the month such as:

Nutri Rich Oil - the crown jewel of our company and the first product created by Nutrimetics almost 50 years ago. This rich emollient contains 4 1/2 pounds of apricots per 60ml jar, carrot seed oil, Vitamin C and E and is a must have for everyone. Nutri Rich Oil is a perfect night time moisturizer, hydrates very dry skin, heals scars from acne and pimples, reduces stretch marks, hydrates cuticles and other very dry skin on elbows, knees and ankles, helps rosacea, eczema and psorriasis, soothes sore lips, helps hydrate eyelashes, helps burns almost immediately for soothing relief and protects your skin.

Heritage Enhanced Collection - the original skin care line from Nutrimetics for normal/dry or combination skin types is also on sale for the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, facial scrub and mineral mud masque treatments.

Nutri Clean - this amazing all purpose cleaner was one of the very first green cleaners created almost 50 years ago in an effort to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables from dirt, pesticides and larvae. More uses of Nutri Clean include washing woodwork, kitchen cabinets, walls, glass, mirrors, carpets, stains, floors, clean jewelry, kills fleas from pets by suffocation, a dash in a glass of water can reduce indigestion by neutralizing acids and is safe!, wash your body on even sensitive skin, you can even brush your teeth with it:)

This concentrated formula is cost effective since a capful is all that is needed for many cleaning jobs in a bucket of water (warm or cold) and the leftover water can be used to water plants to reduce bugs and larvae. You will be able to eliminate all other cleaners from your home, improve your breathing, reduce asthma and other problems from chemicals and Nutri Clean will last a very long time when used as directed. Try the quart or gallon.

Brilliant Shine Plumping Lip Color on sale in October too and the last time all year to save $8! Lipsticks that contain apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and maxi lips in 19 colors for everyone. Keep your lips moist, healthy and full of color with our best selling lipsticks. These lipsticks make great gifts for any woman on your gift giving list. Just create a beautiful gift basket, full of lipsticks, add a lipliner (on sale too) and a small mirror for the purse and you're all set for a unique gift from Nutrimetics by Avalla!

Try 'Serenity' herbal supplement that helps to reduce anxiety naturally without chemicals and without medications and instead contains chamomile, roseroot, ginkgo biloba, rutin and enzymes to reduce stress helping your body to restore and revitalize.

Find these and many more sales online to see how easy it is to register as a Preferred Customer, get a free gift with $100 purchase and a monthly sales brochure mailed to you.

If you're interested in becoming a distributor/consultant with Nutrimetics by AValla to save money on your own products and make money with your own business.

Thanks for continuing to read and follow along. Stay tuned for product reviews as we explain more products in detail to help you realize the benefits of using natural based Nutrimetics by Avalla for your every day skin care and wellness.