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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unemployment - Get a Job

The current unemployment rate in America is still over 9.5% accounting for 5 million unemployed. With the federal government's unemployment benefits extension of up to 99 weeks, this still leaves so many in need of a job and financial help.

When those that have been reduced to part time work are added into the unemployed, a new figure arrives at 17% of people either unemployed or underemployed.

People are wiping out their savings accounts and up to 4 1/2 million of those unemployed have also wiped out their 401K savings for their future and retirement.

Help for the unemployed to get a job now includes many people searching all over for any kind of job and it's highly recommended that they do take any job that is offered at least as a starting point no matter what it is, something is better than nothing.

Many people are not aware that getting involved in Nutrimetics by Avalla as a direct selling company is a very good alternative and viable option for work in America right now to work when you want, make your own schedule, determine your own pay and let the sky be the limit to the lifestyle you could have. Many Nutrimetics consultants work part time as they build they business until they can quit their job and work for themselves with our home based business.

How Nutrimetics by Avalla can help the unemployed:
Super low start up fee of just around $200 includes a kit of information, two free products, free training, free webpage to build an online business of customers and referrals as well as enough of the key products to share and demonstrate to get started earning money - badly needed money.
No experience is needed and almost anyone can learn the basics of sharing all natural products in skincare, cosmetics, wellness, haircare or fragrance and most people find a few key products that they are passionate about and can easily share with others.
Consumable products like Nutrimetics by Avalla need reordered so repeat business is much more attainable unlike kitchen gadgets or other similar products.
Most consultants that start earn $200/month working only 3-5 hours a week so that it can be done full time or between another job allowing you to make your own schedule.
Nutrimetics is a well known brand being 50 years old, the #1 brand in Australia and New Zealand, #3 in France and growing throughout North America.
All products are completely 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction so there's no need to worry about offering inferior products - these are superior products at a fraction of the cost of many department store prices.
Men and women both are able to start a business of their own with Nutrimetics by Avalla and this is a great way to earn additional tax benefits to offset your yearly tax return.
The details can be taught but, if you are motivated and determined to make a change in your financial status and provide a better future for you and your family, you should contact me asap. Time is wasting and there's a better way!

If you or someone you know is unemployed and needs to get a job, consider sending them this information that could literally within 30 days start to produce the needed income to save homes from foreclosure, prevent people from having to move and downsize, prevent the utilities from getting shut off and prevent the stress, anxiety and illness that many times accompany unemployment.
For more information and product, please see: and find my contact information there as well. I look forward to helping you get started to get a job, start to earn the money to change your circumstances and teach you what you need to know to build a business around anything else you're doing as so many other leaders in our company are doing.
Looking forward to chatting and discussing how to get you started. Cindy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Top Anti Aging Ingredients - Nutrimetics/Avalla Best Performing Skincare

Top Anti Aging Ingredients - Nutrimetics/Avalla Best Performing Skincare

As the world's first organically based botanical skincare/cosmetics/anti aging and wellness products, Nutrimetics and Avalla understand the importance of ingredients that provide nutrition for the skin at all ages.

By learning what the top anti aging ingredients are, you are better able to know what your own skin needs are and also to help others as you teach and explain the Nutrimetics by Avalla products.

Skincare products are really an investment that you make in yourself since when you look your best, you will feel your best and be able to be the most productive in all areas of your life.

Read the enclosed link article for information on these top anti aging ingredients that you will want to incorportate into your daily beauty routine both in the morning and especially in the evening. While we sleep, our bodies heal and rejuvenate so by adding the top anti aging ingredients to your beauty routine before bed, you are giving your skin the best chance at healing and staying youthful.
Top AntiAging Ingredients

Email any questions you have and find these products at super affordable prices on my Avalla website. You'll get your own webpage and products at discounts up to 40%too as part of your join package and that can be seen on the front page under register or to order Nutrimetics online any time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Calling All Beauty by Jeunique Distributors

Mulford Nobbs created Beauty by Jeunique as well as was one of the founders of Nutrimetics International in Canada 50 years ago. The passing away of Mulford Nobbs (Nobby as he liked to be called) in September is forcing the company to discontinue further operations for all of the current distributors and customers.

Mr. Nobbs had a great vision and worked closely with Bill and Amelda Roche of Nutrimetics and he will be missed for his visionary work in nutrition and fashion. It's always sad when a company closes it's doors and leaves behind distributors and customers who have come to trust and believe in the products. Mr. Nobbs helped thousands of men and women build a home business through his successful company, many friends and changed the lives of so many.

Avalla as the sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America would gladly welcome the distributors of Jeunique to join us and continue to work in the direct selling industry that is loved with products that most compare to the work that Mulford Nobbs had been involved with in beauty, health and wellness.

Please feel free to contact me to hear the details of transitioning your current business into an Avalla business so that all your hard work will not go unrewarded. I'm happy to help you continue to grow and achieve the success that you were building. Cindy Sarbak RN BSN/Skincare/Anti aging and Wellness Specialist @ or through my site at