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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Natural Beauty, Health,Wellness Blog

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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Natural Beauty, Health,Wellness Blog

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Host your Nutrimetics/Avalla Grand Opening

Get started in your Nutrimetics by Avalla business by sharing your new products and opportunity with your closest friends and family. They'll be happy to support you in your business when you offer them all a complimentary facial so that you can get their opinion on the products.
1. Choose a day that works for your schedule allowing 2-3 hours for the presentation of your products and to take orders.
2. Overinvite to get a good turnout, the more the merrier and some may not be able to attend. Use the invitation in your packet or create your own using evite for emailing invitations. Make a small gift basket to present to one of the guests who will also benefit as the host of the workshop/party to get the rewards/gifts.
3. Set up your largest table with bowls, headbands, mirror, washcloths, a cotton pad, the skin analysis sheet at each place setting.
4. Place a beautiful display of your products in the center of the table using mirrors, lifts and a product spatula to keep your products clean.
5. When guests arrive, offer them all a glass of water, hot or iced tea to keep it simple and have them each take a place setting. Get to know more about them and their skincare concerns, their work, their family.Have them fill in the skin analysis form to determine their skin type and which products they will use.
6. Start the presentation with your model on time and begin by explaining the history of the Nutrimetics company and products. Explain that this is your Grand Opening to get their opinion on your new products and you really appreciate them coming and supporting you.
7. Explain the Basic Skincare Workshop and the other workshops that we have available. Ask which one sounds good to each as you go around the room, this gets them thinking about which workshop they'd like to host.
8. Explain the host reward program and some of the many benefits they receive when they are the host in your home or theirs.
9. Start doing the facial using the guide in your training manual.
10. Ask how each product feels after applied and let them look in the mirror as well as ask the guests to look at each person's skin. They'll see the difference and will all be amazed!
11. Keep it simple and fun!
12. After the facial is completed, offer to meet with each person individually while suggesting everyone else get a snack and beverage (keep these snacks until the end and keep them simple so that others will see how easy it is to be a host).
13. Explain the prices of the skin care starting with the deluxe, then enhanced and then the basic.
14. When meeting individually with guests, ask how their skin feels, ask which workshop they would be interested in hosting for rewards/gifts and which skincare set they would like to start with and ask if they've ever thought about doing something like this. Schedule an appointment to meet them for coffee to explain the business opportunity with them.
15. Write up their order in your order book, schedule their workshop date in your planner and thank them for their order and make sure to let them know when the order will arrive and how much you look forward to having them start using the Nutrimetics/Avalla products.
16. Review your technique, continue to practice and before you know it, you'll be able to do each workshop better, more efficiently and with improved sales, bookings and sponsoring appointments.