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Saturday, December 10, 2011

December To-Do-Lists

December is a busy month for everyone with the holidays, shopping, parties, shipping gifts, cooking, baking, wrapping and decorating and that doesn't include your regular work/job!

December To Do Lists will help you manage it all:

Stay organized in December to see great profits from your home based business while helping your customers get the products they need and want for unique gifts that everyone will love.

Here's a to-do-list to help you stay on track and get it all done.

** Make a list of everything to do to help you stay focused.

** Go through your gift closet to find those gifts you bought earlier in the year and cross off some of your list.

** Decide how you want to decorate. Maybe this year you keep it simpler and only put up the most meaningful decorations and save yourself some time.

** Shop online! At least doing a little research to find the best holiday deals and shop comparing prices will help you know the best places to save money for the holiday gifts and supplies you need. Nutrimetics USA/Avalla monthly sales for December offer great gift ideas at so check it out.

** Shop early or late when most others aren't in the stores to save time and less distractions.

** Do something every day to tackle that to-do-list and get it done as early as possible freeing up your time so you can relax and spend time with friends and family.

** Call or write to your customers to find out what they need and offer suggestions on how you can help them.

** Create gift baskets of your Nutrimetics/Avalla products that are ready to give and ready to go. You can really help to simplify many of your customers gift giving by having beautiful baskets already done. Even adding a gift tag, wrap and bow so it's really all done is super helpful!

** Save money with free shipping offers online, free gift with purchase and easy free returns just in case a gift doesn't turn out to be wanted or needed.

** Keep checking off your list of things to do as you accomplish them. Your list will get smaller and smaller and you'll feel great about all you've done!

** Involve the family when possible. Kids will love helping with decorating, baking, wrapping, online shopping research, creating packages and even cleaning with the right attitude. Play holiday music to keep the spirit going!

** Recycle clothing instead of buying new if you want to save money and get a few key accessories instead of a whole new outfit. Accessories can be used with multiple outfits so you'll get more bang for your buck without breaking the bank.

** Avoid all stressful situations over the holidays and keep yourself calm. Somehow, it all comes together with the right planning and you will have time for fun and relaxation!

** Take time daily for yourself and your fitness program. You'll have the stamina and energy to keep going and to stay healthy over the holidays.

** Do your best and don't fret over anything that can't be done on time. Next year try to plan a little earlier if you feel bad about not getting something done.

** Start thinking about your goals for 2010 and get yourself a copy of What it takes to earn $1 million in your business to get on track for the upcoming year!

** Have a Merry Christmas and the best holidays ever in your home based business!