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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla
Natural beauty, health and wellness direct selling company - 49 year industry leader and world's first botanicals

Friday, June 25, 2010

Work at Your Own Pace

Work at Your Own Pace with Your Home Based Business! So you want to start a side home business that you're comfortable with, you can trust, that will work and you still have questions on how this all works!

With your Avalla business, you have the best of all world's:
The best company
The best products
The best income opportunity

Avalla is the sole distributor of Nutrimetics products in North America. For the last 49 years, Nutrimetics is the #1 brand/company in all of Australia, New Zealand and it's #3 in France! Those countries are always ahead of the game in the world and they know what's good. So, you know you're in good company by choosing the world's first botanicals 49 years ago. We're the leader that others look to and follow in their footsteps.

The best products contain consumable products that customers are loyal to and use month after month assisting you with simple re-orders as you build your customer list. Choosing natural, pure, safe, long lasting and affordable products is the wisest choice you can make. People don't need more candles and they can get those everywhere! They also don't need more kitchen gadgets or containers! Avalla provides over 300 products good for the whole family in skincare, cosmetics, personal care and wellness.

The income opportunity is unique and the best in all direct selling companies. Jobs are scarce and it's tough for a decent wage during this current economy. Start your own business that pays you 40% immediate income on products sold when you sell/use $500/month! That's only about 10 customers per month and pretty simple to do once you learn how with free ongoing training.
Build a team by simply sharing the same opportunity with others that need help and need additional income and you're on your way to becoming a leader.
Make your own hours around your family, another job and work when you want. Earn what you need for immediate bills, car payments, mortgage, savings account, retirement or any other need within the first month you join.
Work at your own pace without any requirements except to use or sell $100/month or 1-2 customers per month!
Earn free trips just by working your business or even a free car payment.
Earn additional tax deductions for almost everything you already buy!
If you have another job already, learn how to get an extra $75-$150 in your next paycheck!!!! It pays to have a side home based business and why thousands start every day.

Follow the links to learn more and get started now to receive an additonal $25 cash rebate to help you buy products for yourself or for demonstration after you register and place your first product order when you mention this blog post! Fill out the form here to get started now!

Get in while the wellness industry is just starting to boom! It's the next big thing with baby boomers wanting to live healthy, youthful lives. Wellness is only one area that you can use to start and grow your new home based business. Men, women and teenagers all search for clear, healthy and radiant skin and you will have all the products and tools to help them achieve natural beauty in a healthy and affordable way! The anti aging business is booming as we all live longer and want to look younger.

Learn from an experienced leader with the company, I look forward to helping you be the best that you can be and to eliminate debt, worry and stress in your life.

Wishing you hope, health and happiness always!
Cindy Sarbak RN BSN
Skincare/antiaging/wellness specialist
clshome3717 at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Blog: Help for Unemployment

Small Business Tax Secrets: Ultimate Tax Savings for the Self-Employed! (Savvy Savings Guide for Home and Business)Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Blog: Help for Unemployment

Help for Unemployment

Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling ExpertsUltimate Guide to Direct Selling: Simple Ideas to Increase Sales and RecruitingBe a Network Marketing Superstar: The One Book You Need to Make Money Than You Ever Thought Possible Unemployment is a huge problem for many in our country and no area seems to be unaffected. The national unemployment rate continues to climb month after month with very few jobs created in most sectors.

What do you do when facing unemployment yourself, who can help, how do you pay the bills, how do you put food on the table and how do you keep your home from the potential for foreclosure?

One of the first things you need to consider is the current list of bill collectors. Call them first, now, before they start calling you. Many creditors will be happy that you took the first step and will listen to your dilemma and offer ways to stay afloat. Almost all of your creditors will help you, except those credit card companies and that car payment. They still want paid and at best may lower the monthly amount that you must send in. All others are usually more lenient and some may even allow you to defer payments for up to six months until you get back on your feet.

Here's an article that will assist you in learning how to defer a loan payment due to unemployment. Check it out and then come back here for the rest of how to pay the rest of those bills, food and keep your home.

Many people start a side business so that they can work from home, choose their own hours, earn what they need for immediate and even long term income. Direct selling has been around for decades due to the ability for men and women to do just that.

Nutrimetics/Avalla offers a solution as the #1 direct selling company and brand of cosmetics/skincare/health and wellness products for the last 49 years in Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France and now expanding in North America.

With your own Nutrimetics/Avalla home business you can invest a minimal amount of money and earn it all back and then some within a month if you get started learning and working within the week.

You may need to use a credit card to purchase the wholesale account join kit and a start up kit for products to use and demonstrate but, you won't be sorry once you start earning $50/hour with only around 6 hours of work per month. Earn more if you can work more! You can have that credit card payment within the month and then some - many, many people do it every day.

There is a cure for the unemployment dilemma that many people are facing and not only can you help yourself earn additional income for you and your family, but also you can help others by showing them the same thing that you'll be doing. Who do you know that could use an extra $200-$300/month working very part time?

For more information, look to the leader in the industry and allow me to share my 25 years of experience with Nutrimetics with you by going to the website below and contact through there.

Avoid new start-ups, top affiliates, the next best thing, automated downline businesses, betting sites, gambling sites, new programs and newly launched or pre-launch systems that will take your money, give you nothing in return and will probably close or be shut down for illegal business.

I look forward to assisting you and anyone you know that is in need of a change, a chance for a better future, a better month and a healthy, happy lifestyle that you deserve.

Always wishing you hope, health and happiness!
Your future awaits you here to take a peek and see if this is something for you! Chances are very good that you can do this, we offer free ongoing training so you will earn as you learn.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Customer Appreciation

Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Customer Appreciation Offer:

Cash Rebate of $25 to help you start your business with Avalla in June and purchase your initial products for yourself or for demonstration. This offer includes a complimentary gift basket with additional items that will help you get started with your home based business to earn the additonal income that you need for yourself and your family.

Would you be able to work 8-12 hours per month to earn an extra $1000 per month? That's what is very possible with your Avalla business! Think of what that could do for you, your family, your future, your retirement!

Getting started is a simple process of purchasing a wholesale account number with a one time fee of only $79 plus tax and shipping. Then either build your own order of products you'd like and receive a discount of 10%-30% depending on the retail total of the order. Or, choose one of three Kit Expanders that the company offers at a 50% cost of only $150.

You'll be ready to start earning money when your kit of information and training with products arrive within a week! The initial kit includes two free products and your own personal webpage for two months to help you receive online customers.

Find out more about this exciting and growing company, join in June to receive my special cash rebate offer of $25. Training is free and ongoing so you'll earn while you learn.

Take the important step of starting your own home based business now and be in business for yourself, make your own rules, your own hours and determine your next raise!

Looking forward to helping you, contact for more information via website below, call or email whichever you prefer.
You can do this and I'll help you achieve as much success as you dream of:)

Wishing you hope, health and happiness always,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tax Benefits of your Avalla Home Business

Starting your own home based business with a direct selling/network marketing company has been popular since the early 1950's and is nothing new. Most people start a business to add additional income to their monthly household, increase their savings account, to save for retirement or a vacation, home or other large purchase or just to have a flexible job that allows them to determine their own schedule and earn what they're worth while having fun and meeting new people.

You can start your own home based business with Avalla this week and start earning additional income next week! Nutrimetics by Avalla offers the three key ingredients that all experts will tell you to look for: the best company, income plan and products that are consumable - people need to reorder them monthly. Avalla pays up to 40% which is very high and very easy to obtain working 2-3 hours a week. How would you like to earn an extra $200-$500/month for you and your family? How would that kind of money help your monthly bills? You can earn tax benefits from things you typically spend money on daily to increase your year end tax deductions.

A minimal investment can be recouped within the month when you begin to work your Avalla business without purchased large amounts of inventory or any renewal or annual fees.

Some of the tax benefits that you will obtain with your Avalla business include:

*Car mileage for everywhere you go as long as you're doing some business.
*Restaurant receipts are tax deductible when you take a customer or potential prospect to lunch or dinner if you're discussing business.
*Office supplies and equipment such as computer, phone, furniture, files, stapler etc.
*Home office deduction with amount of rooms per home and take that percentage for all utility bills ie. 7 rooms in home = 1/7 of electric bill, 1/7 of gas bill, 1/7 of water bill. That's a great way to save extra money at the end of the year and you can only have that with a home business.

Learn more: here's a link to my article on tax savings for your home based business

Join Avalla in June and I'll send you a cash rebate of $25 to assist you in obtaining products for your own use and demonstration. Contact thru so I can help you get started to earn additional income and start reaping the rewards of tax benefits of a home business.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is Nutrimetics USA/Avalla

This blog discusses Nutrimetics USA/Avalla and you may be wondering who and what is Nutrimetics and Avalla. This post will describe the company to help your understanding and to help you make great choices in products and in choosing a home business.

Nutrimetics means nutritional cosmetics and was started in 1961 by Bill and Amelda Roche in Australia. Nutrimetics is currently distributed solely by Avalla, Houston, Texas throughout North America.

The history of Nutrimetics started when a young scientist was searching for a fountain of youth, traveling all over the world to study people, their climates, their diets and to find out if there was something that could really help to maintain youth and minimize the effects of aging for as long as possible.

The young scientist traveled to the Himalyan Mountain region and met the Hunza people in a tough, rough, cold climate. He was quite surprised to meet them and realized how vibrant and healthy they appeared. He learned that the region is rich in apricots and it was the apricot kernel oil that the Hunza people used to apply to their face and body from infancy to old age and they attributed their appearance to this wonder of nature.

He returned to his laboratory and began working with apricot kernel oil to develop the Crown Jewel of the Nutrimetics line - Nutri Rich Oil, made from 4 1/2 pounds of apricot kernel oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E. This rich blend of antioxidants helps to nourish and moisturize the face and any dry areas of the body including elbows, knees, ankles and feet. It was also tested and proven effective for healing of cuts, scars, scratches, scrapes, burns and even reduces stretch marks.

From the development of Nutri Rich Oil, an entire line of nutritional skincare, cosmetics, personal care products and household products was created using Mother Nature as the guide and science to back it up. Nutrimetics is the #1 brand in Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France, sold throughout the globe and growing in North America.

Nutrimetics decided 49 years ago to use fresh fruit extracts and fresh vegetable extracts as the key ingredients in all products. Ingredients that are never used include chemicals, mineral oil, alcohol, cheap fillers, artificial fragrances and has always been cruelty free and environmentally friendly. The company boasts a 97% customer loyalty rate as customers use, love and recommend the products and company to their friends, family, co-workers and anyone in need of improved products to suit any need.

Mother Nature really does know best and the proven, safe, pure, effective 350+ products and brand of Nutrimetics are a household word in Australia, New Zealand, France and many other countries around the world. Customers and consultants that use Nutrimetics/Avalla products achieve clean, clear, soft, radiant, blemish - free, minimally wrinkled skin for the whole family, the home, pets and even plants.

Bill and Amelda Roche retired from the skincare and cosmetic industry and Sara Lee purchased the company. Avalla became the sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America in 2004 when Sara Lee no longer wished to carry the brand in USA or Canada. Pam Dean, CEO and Founder of Avalla obtained the sole distribution rights of Nutrimetics for North America and is helping to brand Nutrimetics and Avalla from the company headquarters in Houston, Texas along with thousands of satisfied customers and consultants starting their own home business to share these amazingly effective products. Nothing else compares to any of these products and it's often said you have to 'see and feel the difference' for yourself- originally called the Nutrimetics Difference.

Avalla has expanded the product line even further with the inclusion of natural, botanical, pure, safe WELLNESS products, antiaging products and household products that are pure, safe, healthy and effective without chemicals, stimulants, irritants or other harmful ingredients.

As more and more customers and consultants join Avalla - sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America and use the products and gain the benefits of products without chemicals, the brand will become much more well known. Nutrimetics created many multi-millionaires in Australia simply sharing the products and it will happen in North America very soon too. Do you or anyone you know have any interest in learning more or starting a business that could change your life with additional monthly income?

For more information on the products from Nutrimetics USA/Avalla or to join to save money by being a wholesale buyer or to make money starting a home business.

To check the hazard levels of brands and companies, check out the EWG's website that tests thousands of ingredients at and see the true results for yourself.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check for Chemicals and Harmful Ingredients in Products You Use!

More and more people are finally becoming aware of chemicals and other harmful ingredients in all of their skincare/cosmetics and personal care products. They say knowledge is power and it's so very true!

Companies use chemicals and cheap fillers simply because they are cheap to use. Chemicals rarely work to produce smooth, soft, blemish free, radiant skin. The opposite is true as a matter of fact!

The Environmental Working Group has a website that allows anyone to enter the name of any brand or company on the market for hazard levels of all sorts of products - even products marketed for parents to use on their babies and pets!

I hope you'll take some time to look at the site to check for yourself because what you'll find is a massive list of unhealthy brands and companies putting unhealthy ingredients in things you no doubt use daily for yourself, your home, your body, your baby and your pets. Shame on them - and then they get celebrity endorsements so you'll believe that if such and such celebrity uses X product and looks like that, it must be good. Pure rubbish and you shouldn't fall for it.

Some of the brands on this list:
You'll find HAZARDS IN clairol, cover girl, olay, mary kay, dr perricone, philosophy, arbonne, obagi, clinique, kate somerville, neutrogena, burt's bees, lancome, avon, jane iredale, shiseido, nivea, the body shop, aveeno, vaseline, garnier, mac, ponds, maybelline, sally hansen, physician's formula, L'Oreal , even products for babies and SO MANY MORE

I've used Nutrimetics for the last 25 years because as a nurse, was looking for a pure, safe, botanical product line that works to give clean, smooth, soft, radiant skin that would reduce the rate of aging! I found it with the Heritage Line, the original skincare line 49 years old and it's never needed 'new and improved' as so many other lines/brands available.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients in all 350+ products in the Nutrimetics line. (If you're not aware, Avalla is the sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America) so we can now get it right here without having to go through Australia as we did years ago. Typically, products similar would cost way more and you can see from the list above that many, many brands are much more expensive. Nutrimetics/Avalla products are so pure that a little drop the size of a pea is typically plenty to wash the face or moisturize. That makes the products very long lasting - up to a year!

Nutrimetics by Avalla doesn't advertise because that causes huge bills for companies and therefore either the products must change or the ingredients must change. That's what happens to companies. Good for you for getting educated, share with your friends and family that you care about - they deserve to check their brands out too.

Take a look at the link provided and check your products for yourself, then take a look at Nutrimetics by Avalla and see the difference - you'll also feel the difference too. All products come with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Contact the consultant at this site for any questions on particular skincare products but, you're sure to find the correct line for your skin type and cosmetics that never feel like makeup and last all day long without clogging the pores and causing more problems.