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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interesting Post by Huffington Post on BPA and other Chemicals in Shampoos and Household Products

Found this article by Huffington Post on one of the chemicals, BPA,  BPA (Bisphenol A) frequently found in our cosmetics, household and cleaning products.

Thought it was worth a share so that you can learn about what chemicals to look for when searching which products to use for yourself and your family.

One interesting paragraph is this mention below in quotes that describes some of the effects of this one chemical in our lives and it also includes potential problems with asthma.
"The most well-known endocrine disruptor is bisphenol-A, or BPA, a chemical found in some plastics that has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, infertility and behavioral and developmental problems in children exposed in utero. Many have already ditched plastic water bottles for stainless steel, and manufacturers have begun advertising their wares as BPA-free."

If you or someone in your family has any of these problems, isn't it worth investigating chemicals and choosing a better alternative?

Everyone has to do their own research, determine it's validity and value to our lives and make the best decisions. Those decisions can either help or hurt our overall health by continuing to use chemically based ingredients on a daily basis.

We suggest you try and use Nutrimetics/Avalla products for their natural plant based ingredients based on the science of Mother Nature. Although not organic and the prices reflect that as well by being much more economical than organics, you'll find a history (over 50 years) of tried, true and tested products that you won't fear using. 

The EWG is also a good source to check for which companies and brands still do use BPA and other toxic chemicals in products. Find them at and do a simple search to help you to understand toxicity.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nutrimetics reformulates Anti Aging Skin Care Collection - "Restore"

Nutrimetics by Avalla offers the mercedes/top of the line Anti Aging Skin Care called 'Restore' with grape seed extract Savignon Blanc for only $190 for the foaming cleanser, refining toner, intense anti aging night moisturizer and anti aging eye cream for proven effect products that get results. On sale now in March for only $140, so the eye cream worth $50 is FREE! Beautifully repackaged very smartly and sophisticated in a pearlized purple with silver band. Read more to learn about the benefits of grape seed extract and how 'Restore' can improve your skin.

Nutrimetics Premium Anti Aging Skin Care 'Restore' only from Avalla in USA and Canada available at
      ** Note: Nutrimetics is the #1 brand in Australia and Avalla is the exclusive distributor of Nutrimetics in USA and Canada. Both are direct sales companies that avoid a middle man sales approach and keep the costs extremely affordable for premium quality products.

Nutrimetics reformulates the most popular anti aging collection by adding Savignon Blanc grape seed extract (vitis vinifera) to the already effective ingredients of black tea, chamomile, yarrow and peptides. Clinical trials showed results of 100% of men and women that used Nutrimetics Restore Skin Care showed marked improvement in their skin in the first 28 days!

What can Restore Anti Aging Skin Care do for YOU?

     Benefits of grape seed extracts:
          ** Contains Vitamin E, protein and essential fatty acids known as lipids
          ** Known antioxidants that fight disease and slow the aging process
          ** Smoothes lines and wrinkles
          ** Promote healing of wounds and scarring
          ** Reduce bruising
          ** Anti inflammatory
          ** Promotes collagen formation
          ** Assists with skin elasticity to give the skin bounce
          ** Removes free radicals that cause cellular death and destruction
          ** Blocks harmful rays of the sun
          ** Calming to the skin
          ** Improves the condition of the skin

     The Cost of Anti Aging:

        Compare Saks Fifth Avenue's La-Prarie eye cream alone at $350.00/.68oz. Most of the other products in this line cost around $450 for one item. That is a serious investment and we can't find any information on any of the ingredients (other than the 'exclusive cellular complex' that would cause this line of platinum products to be so costly. Even celebrities such as Demi Moore, Beyonce, Joan Rivers, Sharon Stone or Angelina Jolie would be silly to spend their hard earned money on these high priced skin care products when Avalla/Nutrimetics Restore works at a fraction of that cost and has proven results of 100% effectiveness in clinical trials.

Nutrimetics Relaunch Restore Anti Aging Skin Care with Savignon Blanc in the News

       Compare Dr. Mercola organic skin care collection at $299 for products at half the size of the Nutrimetics Restore and with very similar ingredients.

        Dior Hydra Life moisturizer for $56/ 1.7 oz vs Nutrimetics Restore Intense Anti Aging Night Cream 2.03 oz for $60 or $150 for Dior's 2.5 oz serum vs Nutrimetics Ultra Care Moisturizing Serum at $50 for 30ml or the Avalla Gold Firming Serum with 24kt Gold 30ml for $45 RRP.

Nutrimetics/Avalla Restore cost is less than $5.00 a day and is guaranteed to your satisfaction or your money back. Try the rest, you'll return to the best! With over 5 decades of proven experience, you'll see and feel the Nutrimetics Difference. Learn more.