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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Work From Home

How to Work From Home

According to the Direct Selling Association, statistics show that over 15 million people work from home with their own direct selling business and that number is growing every month as more and more people need extra money for bills, retirement, college, savings or to change their lifestyle.

If you are considering a work from home job or are already getting starting with a company, you may be wondering how to work from home to be successful and make it work. These are the steps to take so that this will work for you and that you will earn that extra money that you need and want.

How to Work From Home Steps:

Create a Work from Home Schedule
Step one is definitely to make a schedule that you can work your home business. Many people fail to make a schedule and end up working their new business more like a hobby instead of a business. This is work - treat it like work and make yourself a working schedule just like you would have a schedule if you had to leave your home and punch a clock.

Be on Time for Work
That's right! If you are going to follow your schedule, plan to get up on time, get showered and

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Building Your Home Business Customer Base

When you start your home based business, one of the most important steps you can take is to build your customer base to at least 100 customers. Once you have at least 100 customers, they will all need to reorder their personal care and beauty products every 3 months or so. This is one reason why it is smart to start a home based business with Nutrimetics by Avalla. The products are all consumable meaning that over and over forever, customers will use their products and need to get more unlike many other companies that offer a product one time and another is rarely if ever needed again. The more you build your list of customers, the easier your home based business becomes down the road.

How can you possibly do this when you're just getting going with your Nutrimetics/Avalla business and not sure where to begin?

One of the best ways to start to build your customer base is to
 have an Open House style party at your own home. Invite all your friends, family and neighbors to try your products for themselves to compare them to what they already use and to give you their opinion.
The more the merrier at your first Open House party! Invite as many as possible and choose a day and time that works for you. Many of your guests won't be able to attend due to other obligations.
Create a simple flyer invitation or use evite to send your invitation by email. Evite is a great service that allows you to customize an invitation and also includes party ideas. Read more about evite here:
From your Open House party, share the company's hostess rewards program and offer everyone a special gift when they book their own facial with at least 3 guests or a larger party.

What will happen from your first party/Open House is that you will:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nutrimetics by Avalla Monthly Sales Brochure

Find the current Nutrimetics USA/Avalla monthly sales brochure here:  Every month there are new and exciting sales to help you save money on your favorite products and an easy way to try new ones!

June has finally arrived with longer, warm sunny days and time to expose more skin. This can be a welcome change or a problem depending on the condition of your skin. Are you ready to expose your skin or will you will avoiding parties, swimming, the beach, picnics, camping and other outdoor events because of your skin care concerns? Answer these questions about your skin and see how Nutrimetics by Avalla can help YOU!

How is your skin looking?
Have you lost your skin elasticity?
Do you have problems with dryness or patchy skin?
Do you have problems with redness or rosacea?
Do you have problems with uneven textured skin?
Are you seeing more fine lines and wrinkles?

Nutrimetics by Avalla has the answer for all your skin care problems with products made from natural ingredients just like the healthy food you eat. Restore skin elasticity with products guaranteed to work from Nutrimetics by Avalla.

Find the monthly sales for Nutrimetics/Avalla online at for new sales and extra savings each month.

Online customers get a FREE exfoliating body gel this month with any $100 or more order when you use the avalla link and ships with flat rate and direct to your door by FedEx. (only USA and Canada online orders apply)
Nutri Rich Oil EL is an extra light moisturizer made from apricot kernel oil (the secret of the Hunza people of the Himalayans) and vitamin E that helps to nourish and heal skin care problems. Find it on sale in June and save $10.

Gold Firming Serum is on sale for a savings of $5 and includes 24 kt gold, aloe vera and a dozen other healthy ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Control oily skin with Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Collection made from grapefruit extract and the purest alpine glacial water to reduce the signs of aging before they begin! You'll love the spray on toner and the light and refreshing scent of this skin care line perfect for all skin types except dry and GET A FREE TOTE BAG!

Looking for mineral makeup without parabens? Try Avalla's newest makeup blended formula for excellent coverage that won't clog your pores.

Add a fresh and new lip gloss in a natural formula with just a hint of color for the summer months with Avalla's Glossy Shine Lip Lacquers on sale for only $12 for a full sized gloss to last all summer - none of those very small containers that others offer!

See the monthly sale brochure and stock up on your favorite lip gloss colors, foundation, skin care and don't forget those summer birthdays, anniversaries and graduations coming up. Nutrimetics by Avalla makes the perfect gift of beauty that your friends can't find in any store!