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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tribute to an Unforgettable Nutrimetics/Avalla Leader, Mentor and Friend Becky Stack 1939-2010

Tribute to an unforgettable Nutrimetics/ Avalla Leader, Mentor and Friend
Becky Stack 1939 - 2010

I first met Becky Stack on March 10, 1994 during my early years involved as a Consultant with Nutrimetics International. My Director, Mary Beth Finley, was receiving her FREE 1994 BMW 3181 for outstanding sales, sponsoring and business development during an awards presentation ceremony and celebration held at Donzi’s Riverwatch Room in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Becky was Mary Beth’s Mom and she was also a successful leader in her own right with Nutrimetics having won numerous trips, awards and her own vehicle as well.

When she walked into the room and not knowing who she was at the time, I immediately was drawn to this beautiful, vibrant, well dressed and colorful woman beaming from head to toe with a gorgeous sincere smile that lit up her eyes and entire face. As one of the newbies, I merely observed her and really couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Imagine my surprise when she walked up to me and introduced herself and told me that she had heard so much about me and how well I was doing in my new Nutrimetics business. Becky made me feel totally special, loved and appreciated and I felt so inspired after spending this evening with her.

We hit it off from the start because of her leadership and attention that she gave to me, her encouraging words of support, her knowledge, empathy and understanding of the direct selling business. I looked forward to all future trainings especially knowing that Becky would be there – she always shared her contagious smile, words of wisdom, truth and no one laughed more sincere or hearty than Becky Stack. She loved life, she loved people, she loved our business and everyone noticed it!

Becky was so positive, fun and cheerful even when times were tough. She saw the good in everyone and had some very creative ideas to help us grow our businesses. She was willing to do and to try everything and I’ll always love, appreciate and respect her for the time that she spent with me and the other developing leaders of our business. She continued to expand her business as Avalla became the distributor of Nutrimetics in North America and she didn't quit when many others had.

Many times, the leaders of a successful company are aloof and standoffish to newer or younger people and we only know them from the podium that they stand behind. Becky was not like that at all, she was bigger than life, she enjoyed every moment of it and she will leave her mark on all that knew her forever.

I learned so much from Becky and will aspire to be more of a mentor and leader like her: to treat people kindly, sweetly, with sincere honesty and transparency in hopes that there may be a special celebration/meeting/training in the future and someone may be watching me with hopeful eyes.

Thank You, God for bringing Becky Stack to me and so many others whose hearts and lives would be changed forever for simply having met. Rest in peace, my friend

With Much Love and Admiration, Cindy Sarbak

Leave a comment if you knew and loved Becky too. Share what you liked about her, what you learned from her or what you'll miss most

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Referral Link to Nutrimetics by Avalla

Just saw this link that posted my article on Nutrimetics by Avalla and I thank them and thought I'd share their News: weight-loss blog for anyone interested! Please note that the join offer was changed in January 2010 and new information can be found on this blog as well as my other blog:

Share your questions about Nutrimetics/Avalla here, I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Avalla Executive Retreat Results

The results are in for the 2010 Avalla Executive Retreat that we've all been working on since January.

Based on personal sponsoring and personal sales, we could earn a specific level of gold, ruby, emerald, sapphire or diamond. Each level would give us certain gifts, perks, invitation, room accomodations, flight and pin.

I've earned the Sapphire level which gives me the invitation, pin, room accomodations to the Woodlands Marriott Conference Center in Houston, Texas where our retreat will be held!

I'm so excited to be able to attend our conference to get together with other leaders, consultants and of course our President, Pam Dean who arranged it all!

We'll also be receiving a sneak peek at the upcoming holiday products and promotions for this year and no doubt receive some free products as we always do..

As more details emerge, I'll include them here and invite YOU to join us for the next Executive Retreat that will happen in 2011.

To learn more about the Avalla company, products and income opportunity see my site and feel free to contact at any time: