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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What is Nutrimetics USA/Avalla

This blog discusses Nutrimetics USA/Avalla and you may be wondering who and what is Nutrimetics and Avalla. This post will describe the company to help your understanding and to help you make great choices in products and in choosing a home business.

Nutrimetics means nutritional cosmetics and was started in 1961 by Bill and Amelda Roche in Australia. Nutrimetics is currently distributed solely by Avalla, Houston, Texas throughout North America.

The history of Nutrimetics started when a young scientist was searching for a fountain of youth, traveling all over the world to study people, their climates, their diets and to find out if there was something that could really help to maintain youth and minimize the effects of aging for as long as possible.

The young scientist traveled to the Himalyan Mountain region and met the Hunza people in a tough, rough, cold climate. He was quite surprised to meet them and realized how vibrant and healthy they appeared. He learned that the region is rich in apricots and it was the apricot kernel oil that the Hunza people used to apply to their face and body from infancy to old age and they attributed their appearance to this wonder of nature.

He returned to his laboratory and began working with apricot kernel oil to develop the Crown Jewel of the Nutrimetics line - Nutri Rich Oil, made from 4 1/2 pounds of apricot kernel oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E. This rich blend of antioxidants helps to nourish and moisturize the face and any dry areas of the body including elbows, knees, ankles and feet. It was also tested and proven effective for healing of cuts, scars, scratches, scrapes, burns and even reduces stretch marks.

From the development of Nutri Rich Oil, an entire line of nutritional skincare, cosmetics, personal care products and household products was created using Mother Nature as the guide and science to back it up. Nutrimetics is the #1 brand in Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France, sold throughout the globe and growing in North America.

Nutrimetics decided 49 years ago to use fresh fruit extracts and fresh vegetable extracts as the key ingredients in all products. Ingredients that are never used include chemicals, mineral oil, alcohol, cheap fillers, artificial fragrances and has always been cruelty free and environmentally friendly. The company boasts a 97% customer loyalty rate as customers use, love and recommend the products and company to their friends, family, co-workers and anyone in need of improved products to suit any need.

Mother Nature really does know best and the proven, safe, pure, effective 350+ products and brand of Nutrimetics are a household word in Australia, New Zealand, France and many other countries around the world. Customers and consultants that use Nutrimetics/Avalla products achieve clean, clear, soft, radiant, blemish - free, minimally wrinkled skin for the whole family, the home, pets and even plants.

Bill and Amelda Roche retired from the skincare and cosmetic industry and Sara Lee purchased the company. Avalla became the sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America in 2004 when Sara Lee no longer wished to carry the brand in USA or Canada. Pam Dean, CEO and Founder of Avalla obtained the sole distribution rights of Nutrimetics for North America and is helping to brand Nutrimetics and Avalla from the company headquarters in Houston, Texas along with thousands of satisfied customers and consultants starting their own home business to share these amazingly effective products. Nothing else compares to any of these products and it's often said you have to 'see and feel the difference' for yourself- originally called the Nutrimetics Difference.

Avalla has expanded the product line even further with the inclusion of natural, botanical, pure, safe WELLNESS products, antiaging products and household products that are pure, safe, healthy and effective without chemicals, stimulants, irritants or other harmful ingredients.

As more and more customers and consultants join Avalla - sole distributor of Nutrimetics in North America and use the products and gain the benefits of products without chemicals, the brand will become much more well known. Nutrimetics created many multi-millionaires in Australia simply sharing the products and it will happen in North America very soon too. Do you or anyone you know have any interest in learning more or starting a business that could change your life with additional monthly income?

For more information on the products from Nutrimetics USA/Avalla or to join to save money by being a wholesale buyer or to make money starting a home business.

To check the hazard levels of brands and companies, check out the EWG's website that tests thousands of ingredients at and see the true results for yourself.

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