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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interesting Post by Huffington Post on BPA and other Chemicals in Shampoos and Household Products

Found this article by Huffington Post on one of the chemicals, BPA,  BPA (Bisphenol A) frequently found in our cosmetics, household and cleaning products.

Thought it was worth a share so that you can learn about what chemicals to look for when searching which products to use for yourself and your family.

One interesting paragraph is this mention below in quotes that describes some of the effects of this one chemical in our lives and it also includes potential problems with asthma.
"The most well-known endocrine disruptor is bisphenol-A, or BPA, a chemical found in some plastics that has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, infertility and behavioral and developmental problems in children exposed in utero. Many have already ditched plastic water bottles for stainless steel, and manufacturers have begun advertising their wares as BPA-free."

If you or someone in your family has any of these problems, isn't it worth investigating chemicals and choosing a better alternative?

Everyone has to do their own research, determine it's validity and value to our lives and make the best decisions. Those decisions can either help or hurt our overall health by continuing to use chemically based ingredients on a daily basis.

We suggest you try and use Nutrimetics/Avalla products for their natural plant based ingredients based on the science of Mother Nature. Although not organic and the prices reflect that as well by being much more economical than organics, you'll find a history (over 50 years) of tried, true and tested products that you won't fear using. 

The EWG is also a good source to check for which companies and brands still do use BPA and other toxic chemicals in products. Find them at and do a simple search to help you to understand toxicity.

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