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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2012 Nutrimetics/Avalla Sales Brochure

Happy Summer and Happier June 2012 with the Nutrimetics/Avalla sales brochure. See it at (avalla officially closed as of 3/12)and to order online 24/7 direct to you from FedEx. You'll find the men's skin care products and Aqua Pour Homme sexy cologne on sale just in time for Father's Day, the Heritage skin care basic collection for all skin types, Gold Firming Serum with 24kt gold to use as a firming serum before moisturizing.

Check out NEW Vitamin Oil by Nutrimetics for skin, hair and nails. Do you remember Nutri Rich Bathing Bar Soap with apricot kernel oil, vitamins and moisturizers??? IT'S BACK!!! Buy it this month on sale and stock up, it could be a temporary product!

Nutrimetics Active Daily Care for the whole family is also on sale including superb long lasting deoderant, active hand cream (a favorite of men and women), active hand wash for the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the active shampoo and conditioner. More June 2012 sales include Botanical Shower Gels in Melon & Cucumber, Dewberry, Blueberry and Vanilla Guava (my personal favorite)!.

Foam Fresh Cleanser Toner combination is also on sale in June so stock up now in Citrus & Grape, Melon Cucumber or Fresh Apple. These are easy skin care solutions for teens too, don't forget ,since it's two products in one - wash and tone. Then add the Aloe Hydragel lotion as a perfect moisturizer. This whole skin care plan costs a mere $39 and will last probably 6 months or more! No other company can beat the Nutrimetics/Avalla products or price for quality ingredients, pure ingredients, no chemicals and simply healthy products that are good for you and your skin!

There's more too! Avalla offers sales on the Joint Health Blend drink for joint and bone health and the Aloe Vera Vitamin Enriched drink with the highest grade of Aloe, vitamins and minerals to boost your health, especially during the active summer months.

Looking for your own business to earn extra money each month? Join Avalla in June 2012 for only $99 and get 4 full sized products (Heritage basic trio and Avalla AHA body lotion worth $118) with your kit, Free Shipping on the kit and an added bonus of 4 travel sized Nutrimetics products in a beautiful box when you place your first order in June. Plus free training - no experience needed-, your own website free the first two months, order book and everything you need to start making money. Find your favorite products in the entire line from skin care, makeup, mens products, household products, wellness products either a few products or the entire range in your own business. Join at and we look forward to helping you achieve any goals you can dream of.

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